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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    I'd like to add in Cool Water...

    I know no one who wears Polo. I know nearly everyone who has worn a cologne, even myself has experimented with CW by Davidoff..
    I'm so fo sho' it's no facade/ Stay out of trouble momma said as momma sighed/ For her fear her youngest son be a victim of homicide/ But I gotta get you out of here momma.. Or I'm gonna die..Inside...So either eay you lose me momma/ So let loose of me!

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Polo - original green

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    My apologies for dragging out this endless thread that really has no one right answer, but I would like to point out that as good and popular as Polo Green has been, it certainly did not play a huge role in my life. Over 20 years before its creation there were Acqua di Selva and Pino Silvestre. Both share many notes with Polo and were fairly widely available here in the early 70's--about 5 years before Polo. Neither one is as complex, but they're pretty closely related. Polo was created as an American response to the more sophisticated European fragrances that began reaching our shores in the sixties.
    Before Eau Sauvage came on the scene, men's fragrances were almost all marketed here as splash-on after shaves that, yes, might help you get some female attention.These include Old Spice, Yardley, Canoe and so on. There were also some basic colognes like 4711 and various bay rums. I don't mean to disparage any of these, but I really believe that Eau Sauvage really changed the playing field. It was presented as a real fragrance and the Dior name had incredible glamour. I believe that it really started changing the American man's view of fragrance and this eventually led to the explosion of the men's fragrance business throughout the world. So I vote for Eau Sauvage because of timing, marketing and undeniable quality. (Yeah, I know it's all pretty deniable and debatable.)

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Pino Silvestre and Yardley's Lavender.

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Eau Sauvage
    Old Spice

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Hmmmm.... Well I'm fairly new to the game, but perhaps that helps me out on this one. So of course everybody's heard of Old Spice, and may at least feel some sense of familiarity when they hear Brut, Canoe, English Leather, maybe even Boss, and Bijan. But.. if you'll forgive the analogy (and disclaimer: some of the above mentioned I like, particularly Brut), perhaps that's kinda similar to asking about iconic restaurants and rattling off fast food chains. Related, but perhaps not entirely on topic? As someone brought up, everybody's heard the name Armani, though perhaps more associated with the clothing lines. Same with Polo - ya picture the icon ruining an already goofy-collared shirt, but I was actually ignorant of both as fragrances coming into this scene (I went from completely oblivious to jumping in). Thanks to commercials, Calvin Klein's Obsession and perhaps slightly to a lesser extent Eternity come to mind as possibilities for ones familiar to those even well outside the scene. Just dipping your toe onto the scene, up comes names like Polo (particularly "Green"), Guerlain (perhaps particularly Habit Rouge), Creed (particularly Aventeus and GIT), and one can re-enter Armani as well. Maybe YSL? It's a bit of a tricky question, too, because aside from really defining its parameters, there's the challenge of taking into consideration the impact of one's personal leanings on one's answers, not only in trying to avoid allowing one's preferences to influence one's answer (as this question really has little to do with individual taste), but also in how that impacts one's familiarities as well. (shrugs) I think I have to impartially go with Calvin Klein, even though I'm not a fan of their fragrances myself. Huge name just about everybody knows is associated with fragrances, seems to have staying power, and seems to find at least some measure of acknowledgement/customers among those who are into this scene as well.
    Of course... perhaps my whole approach is wrong here anyway, as I myself was drawn to this thread hoping to find some classic great scents that are "of course I'm familiar with that one" for any serious scent-head, well worth checking out and possibly adding to my collection. You know, like a music collector should be familiar with The Beatles, Coltrane, Mozart, Bob Marley, Elvis, etc, even if not all of these fit his or her personal tastes. Not sure if that analogy is applicable or not here....
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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Dior Fahrenheit


    Polo by Ralph Lauren

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Polo Green has been a mainstay for years for me along with Aramis trio of 900, Devin & Regular.
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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Another vote for Old Spice.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Current Rotation:
    Tom Ford Black Orchid
    Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
    Tom Ford Noir de Noir
    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
    MFK Baccarat Rouge 540
    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin
    Creed Bois du Portugal
    Xerjoff More than Words
    Xerjoff Richwood
    By Kilian Incense Oud
    Clive Christian X
    Clive Christian No 1
    MFK Absolue Pour le Soir
    Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille
    Guerlain Tonka Imperiale

    "Waste time wondering which "cologne" pulls better, and your genes will spread only by accident. A perfume should be right for the man, not for the job"
    Luca Turin

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by DustB View Post

    I go for Eau Sauvage because it isn't derided or chuckled at.
    I think there is a serious distinction to be made between 'classic' and 'iconic'.
    An iconic frag., or any cultural product, for that matter, Need not be good....
    Joan Crawford was a dreadful actor, Bette Davis only marginally better , bit they remain iconic of 1930s to1940s Hollywood. Equally, the iconic men's fragrances are things like Old Spice, or Brut. Not necessarily beautiful, but we'll loved and cherished by their fans.

    On the other hand, a classic would be something, like Eau Savage, which is of a quality that goes beyond its era,like a Chopin nocturne, or a Schubert Symphony, or Mouchoir de Monsieur, which marks the spirit of its age as clearly as Fritz Lang's Metropolis does its time; something that stands out from the 1Directions and the Britney Spears confections that may very well smell nice enough, but which will be forgotten just as quickly as the Pop princesses they are named after (we may also put things like L'Homme Ideal in this category. I like it well enough but I can't see myself, in 20 years, spending time searching for a bottle of it that I can afford.)

    So, as iconic fragrances for men are concerned,definitely Old Spice, or Brut, precisely because they raise a chuckle, notwithstanding that OS is gorgeous, (or smells like my dad). Perhaps Paco Rabanne Pour Home too....

    Classics. Eau Savage, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Guerlain Vetiver.

    And representing the avant garde? Old as it is, still Cuir de Russie, its leather, cigarettes and sex is transparently a miracle, Odeur 53, ....


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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Old Spice
    Chanel pour Monsieur
    Eau Sauvage
    Paco Rabanne pour Homme
    Cool Water
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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Aqua di gio most certainly

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Not sure about iconic or not, but most NOTORIOUS would have to be sir Kouros.
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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Eau Sauvage for sure

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Old Spice and Brut for sure.

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Overall for the 20th Century: Old Spice
    80's: Drakkar Noir
    90's into the 2000's: Acqua Di Gio
    Currently: Aventus

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    Default Re: Most iconic MALE fragrance?

    Oh my, I just remembered from the 90s..... Joop Homme

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