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    Question Cedar --- Amber, do they smell alike?

    I recently got Montale Aoud Rose Petals and when i wore it the first time i noticed that the dry down reminded me of Gucci pour homme. It wasn't very difficult for me to identify this because i completely dislike Gucci ph. I thought maybe i was crazy to think that Aoud Rose Petals will smell like Gucci ph, but my subsequent wearings made my belief even more firm.

    The next day i was wearing Aoud Lime and in the evening i again felt that i was gettings whiff of Gucci ph. I thought maybe i put Aoud Rose Petals instead of Aoud Lime but i was sure it was Aoud Lime and not Aoud Rose Petals. Now Aoud Lime has amber listed as a note.

    Rochas Lui also smells like Gucci ph to me but is much sweeter and i like it. I remember when a thread on Rochas Lui came up on the boards a few weeks ago, it triggered the release of 'Lui' from the bottom of my scent storage boxes. Coincidentally i was trying Gucci ph too during those days and i found them to have a similar base.

    Gucci ph has Amber in it whereas Rochas Lui has Cedar,
    Aoud Rose Petals drydown very clearly reminds me of Gucci ph whereas Aoud Rose petals has cedar but no Amber.
    Aoud Lime again reminds me of Gucci ph whereas it has 'amber' listed instead of 'cedar'.

    Am i on the track somewhere when i perceive Amber and Cedar to be fairly similar or do i need to tweak my nose before i make another comparison?


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    Default Re: Cedar --- Amber, do they smell alike?

    Until a month ago, I'd have thought you were way off the mark.
    But I got L'Occitane's Eau de Baux at that time, which at first smell I thought was ambery. The only problem is the fragrance notes don't mention any amber whatsoever - and thus I'm wondering if I'm confusing cypress for amber.

    Perhaps the combination of woods with some sweet notes is leading to the olfactory confusion that you and I are experiencing.

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