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    Default Penhaligon's: please help...

    Ladies, Ive just posted this message in the Male fragrance forum, but would like to cast a wider net in posting it here as well...

    This is blatant begging at this stage, but Id like to appeal to you and ask something of a favour.

    Its pretty well known I adore Penhaligon's LPNo.9 for Men. After repeated posts in the "Fragrance Wanted" forum, Ive decided to ask any of you kind peeps whom might know of a stockist (online or retail) that may still stock a bottle of this gem. It was discontinued in October '06 and has practically vanished!

    I have placed 2 orders with online stores, each of which displayed LP9 as being "in stock", but after the order was processed, they took the page down and notified me there was none remaining. Its getting more than a little frustrating!

    If anyone here, whilst perusing their local outlets happens to pass a Penhaligon's range, and spots a smart black bottle "for him", kindly give me a shout! This goes for online boutiques too!

    Thanking you kindly, and heres one more thumbs up for David's "discontinued fragrance" forum idea!


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    Default Re: Penhaligon's: please help...

    Will do!
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    Default Re: Penhaligon's: please help...

    Will happily take a look...I'll be passing a local perfume store (known to have some Penaligon's) on my way to the dentist tomorrow.
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    Default Re: Penhaligon's: please help...

    Thanks Twolf and Zibeline If its not too much trouble, i will be forever in your debt!

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