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    Here's something I had been wondering for a long, long time. Are there any perfumes you associate with a certain image, or make you think of a certain place? For me the most vivid image I can connect with perfume is Frederic Malle's L'eau d'Hiver and what would be be described as the battle scene in the dead of winter in Bastogne during WWII. I get the feeling of a miserably cold place, one where the essence of life is all but gone, and yet in the midst of this there is still something so serene and beautiful about the scene. The reason this image is stuck in my head is largely due in part to the Band of Brothers series, and me having L'eau d'Hiver on at the time I was watching. Any stories you guys care to share?

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    when I smell L'eau d'Hiver, I remember my childhood and the calm glows of winter
    One can not prove the beauty, but show it. You see it or you don't.

    Real beauty: 1) Frederic Malle 1-20 2) Chanel Egoiste 3) YSL Opium pour Homme edp 4) Guerlain Habit Rouge 5) TF Noir de Noir \\ Noses: 1) Jacques Cavallier 2) Maurice Roucel

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    Grey Flannel: I cannot connect it to any real episode in my life, so I wonder why I see myself strolling along a wet street (in November) that has a cemetery adjacent to the my sidewalk. The gray wall that separates the compound is partly covered with green moss. If it was less cold, or wet the scenery might be called romantic.
    'Il mondo dei profumi è un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    It doesn't make sense, but I connect these three things:
    -Creed Erolfa
    --the film Donnie Darko
    --the album from John Vanderslice "Time Travel is Lonely"

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