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    Default Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    My daughter Kyra will be 9 in Dec. She's a girly girl as apposed to a tom boy. Likes to paint her nails and likes perfume, etc. No makeup though. She only wears perfume when we go out, or on special occasions, and just considers it part of dressing up.

    Reason I ask is, with her B-day coming up, I was thinking of getting her a gift box of her favorite frag. It includes a small bottle of perfume, some scented lotion (which she loves also), and a small amount of solid frag.

    So, is this an inappropriate gift for a 9yo? Opinions?


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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    I think it' s a very nice idea, and can not see why it should be in any way inappropriate.

    I think she will love it!

    Edit: Just out of curiosity - which is her favorite frag?
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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    I think you are never too young.
    You know, I would never get her Opium, lol, but something soft and fresh would be nice.

    I think the most important consideration is to teach her proper application; it should be discreet.
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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    I think I had Love's Baby Soft at that age.

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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    I think it's a great idea, but this is one time when age may leffleur said, skip Opium...and Boudoir and Libertine.

    I hope she has a very happy birthday!
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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    This is a wonderful gift.
    Age has nothing to do with experiencing the joy of the sense of smell.
    Too many people have grown up without developing good olfactory "taste" because they start too late and limit themselves to the familiar. It is like being exposed to fresh produce, gourmet foods, and exotic cuisine from young.
    I hope you start her on a lifelong scented journey that will bring her pleasure for the rest of her life.

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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    No: Fracas, Opium, Coco, Secretion Magnifique, Musc Ravageur, or anything musky/spicy/sexy like that

    Yes: Amazing Grace, Vera Wang Princess, Lolita Lempicka, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Pink Sugar, or anything fruity-floral or gourmand-y like that
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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    totally appropriate

    and girls that age love scented lotions too!
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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    We don't have children yet,
    but we're now seriously talking
    about it.

    I ran this one by my hubby too,
    and we both agree that she's
    never too young for good taste,
    and enjoyment of fragrances.

    Go for it !
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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    *As long as you do the same for any sons

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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    Thanks for the responses. I've been teaching her a little goes a long way, so for now, just a spritz on the wrist. She reeeally loves Gwen Stefani's L, so that was my plan. It's a nice, youthful scent. She also enjoys the trio of Jo Malone samples I just got, especially Lavender and Amber.

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    I don't think there is a problem here as long as the scents are appropriate to her age. (By that I mean that I hate seeing the ads for some teen fashion high street shops where very young teenage girls are dressed in provocative clothing - that IMHO is wrong).
    When my daughters started wearing scents they just wanted all the celeb scents, some of which were awful!. Since we discovered the Perfumed Court and SAMPLES(wehey!) my daughters have been wearing classy stuff which is much better. Currently my 14 yr old is wearing Gucci's Envy as it suits her.
    Just teach her to smell the good stuff and enjoy it - and if wearing at school be VERY discreet in the application.
    Have fun!

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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    Definitely not too young IMO - I bought my first perfume at age 7-8. Bought my sisters first for her 8th birthday too (vanilla oil from the Body Shop) before that she used to use my strawberry oil (and thought I didn't notice!)

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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    I would give her something with natural essences, not one full of chemicals. Some may not realize that children cannot eliminate some of those chemicals from their bodies the way adults can and some perfume ingredients have been banned from products used on children, like benzophenone-3 sunscreen (used to keep perfume from discoloring.) It never hurts to be careful and nine is pretty young. Jo Malone smells so synthetic, I can't even stand to have it on, but I don't know what the ingredients are.

    When I was that age, I had an orange blossom edt from Florida, Pre de Provence makes some pretty ones, i Profumi di Firenze from Florence, Italy, and I think Parfums de Nicolai has one just for children, all found on beautyhabit. 25% coupon code listed in discount section of this board, good until the end of Nov. They have a sample program, six for $12, minus the discount would be $9, no extra shipping charges.

    Stella is one found in dept stores that uses natural fragrance, she is Paul McCartney's daughter and some of the synthetics were putting her off, so she made her own. I don't know what else is in it or in Gwen's, but I think it would be good to check ingredients labels before giving to a child. In general, I think it is a wonderful idea, just approach it like you would anything for kids.
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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    I scent my 4year old daughter's carry-around Blankey with various light scents...She refuses to let me give "him" a bath very often so a little spritz of Apres L'Ondee or Chant D'Aromes refreshes it

    She is your daughter, and if you feel she is old enough for a light, low sillage scent then it does not matter what the Peanut Gallery here thinks!

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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    I think she will love it!!! OMG she will probably be so excited to get her first set for her own. I was so excited when my Moms got me my first department store frag. Honey, I thought I was something then LOL!! I've been dipping in my Moms perfume since I can remember. I don't think you are ever too young to feel pretty. These are things she will remember for a life time.

    Unfortunately in this day and time the frags don't stay on the market long. You would hope that this would become one of her staples that she will replace years from now. You're lucky if a scent stays in production for 3 years. Trust me. She will always remember Daddy getting her that perfume. Most girls that age love it when they get so-called grown-up things. Oh and make sure you get her a little purse size so she will have it to put in her purse. You know how little girls love to have stuff to put in their purse. I can remember just having all kind of stuff in my purse just to have something in my purse LOL!! She'll love it.
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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    I think this is an excellent idea. Sounds like She has Great self-esteem which is wonderful.
    I was always in my Dads stuff when I was a always made me feel special to have some of Dads cologne on....She will Love this I'm sure.

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    Default Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    Yes, I will add just one more vote for YES!

    If I could have been started off that young with smellies I would have been very happy. She'll be the best smelling girl, under 10, there! Wonderful gift idea.

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