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    Default From the Hermes Boutique: A JC Ellena Story

    I wandered the city of Lyon today and found the Hermes boutique. The boutique was chained up but I saw the Hermessence line glowing behind the beauty of the boutique itself. After my French classes tonight, I went to seek out this store again hoping that the doors would be open. Okay well fast forward through all the drama, I got to experience a little bit of the Hermessence line before a sales lady saw Jean-Claude Ellena's newest book Que sais-je in my hand.

    After a brief exchange, I asked rather stupidly whether or not Jean-Claude Ellena ever comes to the boutique. She said no, but he does come to Lyon a couple times a year. Here's the kicker: she recalls going to dinner with Jean-Claude Ellena and the boss of Hermes at a restaurant where the head chef cooked plates of food that imitated each fragrance in his line!

    I can imagine biting into a pastry that tasted like Ambre Narguile. Jean-Claude Ellena is my hero, hands down.
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    Default Re: From the Hermes Boutique: A JC Ellena Story

    What a great story!

    I wonder if Poivre Samarcande was something done with steak.
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    Default Re: From the Hermes Boutique: A JC Ellena Story

    Ooooh! An Eau d'Orange Verte Sorbet!

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    Default Re: From the Hermes Boutique: A JC Ellena Story

    Cool - I can see Hermessence interpreted as food, neat.

    Did you smell the newest Hermessence Brin de Reglisse and if so, what'd you think of it? I am wearing it today.
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