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    Default Burberry Touch and Black Walnut by Bananna Republic

    Anyone here smell the similarity or am I just going insane? (option 2 has not yet been ruled out either way)

    I was at a friends house and saw his fragrance collection in his bedroom, he had a bottle of Black Walnut on his dresser and I was curious what it smelled like. After five minutes the scent began to drive me nuts, I had smelled this before some where and now I couldn't place it. Wandered back through later, saw a bottle of Burberry Touch, sniffed it on impulse and sprayed a small amount on my wrist to check and bingo, the two smelled very, very similar. Touch has more of a light green/fresh note in the beginning but the dry down to me are very close. Maybe it's just my skin chemistry.

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    Default Re: Burberry Touch and Black Walnut by Bananna Republic

    Don't know Black Walnut, but I think that Touch smells very much like The Body Shops Javari.

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