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    The plum note in Parure is a real lesson in how fruit notes were handled by the masters before the term "fruity floral" or fruity anything, really - became an equivalent for "mediocre". It is similar to how plum is inserted into Silences by Jacomo - not sweet, not jammy, but green and almost astringent - think of how a piece of plum peel tastes - it's bitter, right? Parure to me has always been a dusk scent - I always associate the slipping of daylight into darkness with it, similar to the way others feel about L'Heure Bleu. I believe the large splash bottle of Parure that I used up was in eau de cologne concentration, although back in the '80s when I purchased it, Guerlain's edcs were of a strength comparable to today's edts. I also went through a small edp spray, but not in the gold-cage bottle. I almost bought a bottle of Parure in extrait back in the '80s, with that fantastic stopper made of grey glass shaped like a wind-whipped flag or an ocean wave. I truly wish I had acted on that thought while it was still possible!
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    Honestly, if I hadn't read the Basenotes reviews, I would never have called the note I smell in Parure is plum. It smells fruity, but like you said it has that acidic, varnish-like quality to it. Of course, now I smell it and my mind/nose registers: plum!

    Today, wearing it again, I am again amazed at the similarities to Chamade.

    I'm still not sure if I like Parure.
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    For those looking:

    I found a 1oz bottle of the EDT at Palm Beach perfumes for around $99. The only other Guerlain they have is Shalimar.
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