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    Default DK Men (Fuel) Imitations?

    I am curious if any company out there has ever *dared* to make a clone or imitation of DK Men? Has anyone ever tried one or come across one?

    I've never seen one personally. I just know it's my favorite scent and I know I can't nurse my one bottle and two travel sprays forever...

    And I also know that there's no cologne on the market that matches it (even though I once thought Hugo Dark Blue came close...I have since reimagined that opinion).

    It seems that this cologne does have a (deserved) cult just seems like someone would have at least tried (?) to knock it off. I'm sure the toughest challenge would be the imitation petrol scent (it WAS imitation, right???). If it wasn't, I'm sure the rising gas prices would certainly make it quite an expensive cologne these days (oh wait, it IS expensive these days -- being gone and all).
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