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    Default Body spray banned from N.B. school

    Budding Romeos at a school in Fredericton have been ordered to stop using a body spray that TV ads suggest will make women swoon.

    The principal of Nashawaaksis Middle School says he has a growing collection of cans of Axe body spray that have been confiscated.

    Some boys have been dousing themselves in Axe, apparently believing commercials that show a young man applying the deodorant and being immediately hit on by beautiful women.

    Unfortunately for the boys, they're not getting the sort of reaction they might have expected.

    "They spray it all over their heads and their necks. They don't realize how powerful the odour is," said Grade 8 teacher Heather Touchie-Blakely.

    "They have no idea how much it takes to be a walking stink bomb, [which is] basically is what they are."

    Grade 7 student Jade Tripp, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, said the spray caused her to have a violent reaction.

    "I couldn't breathe. My ears were ringing and I was shaking and I had a fever. If I had a boyfriend and he wore Axe, I would not be attracted to him."

    The makers of Axe said the spray is marketed to an older crowd, with ads designed to appeal to men between the ages of 18 and 25.

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    Default Re: Body spray banned from N.B. school

    Funny you mention this! I still keep in touch with some of my former high school teachers... they all mention that after Phys Ed class, the freshmen cover up their B.O. with Axe (or Tag), and it's not a very nice odor. They think that it's a quick replacement for a shower... but it's not.

    They should just give them a bar of Dial after class, have them take a quick shower, and cut out the Axe funny business.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Body spray banned from N.B. school

    I disagree that Axe is marketed to an older crowd. Unless there are a lot of really lame men out there who think Axe is suitable as a cologne. I think that Axe is wholly targeted at the younger crowd, as the article says, middle-school aged kids.

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    Default Re: Body spray banned from N.B. school

    It's targeted at younger kids... and hicks.

    Seriously, I'd just let those kids wear the damn spray. They won't get laid, and that's part of the theory of evolution. The weak die out and the strong get stronger.
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    Default Re: Body spray banned from N.B. school

    ""I couldn't breathe. My ears were ringing and I was shaking and I had a fever." said Jade Tripp

    Jade - maybe it was not your cystic fibrosis you were could have been your Female Hormones kicking in from Bobbies Axe.

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    Default Re: Body spray banned from N.B. school

    They say they don't market to young people, but like with cigarette companies and such, it's just not true. They know full well what their market is.

    I sniffed an Axe deodorant the other day and my first impression was "hmmm, this is ok I guess", but within 2 seconds it turned into a chemical soup in my nose. There's one note in some of them that I almost like, but then the other notes show up and beat it up.

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