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    Default Shalini - your opinions please

    After reading an interview with the perfumer who created 24 Faubourg, I'm interested in trying one of his other creations: Shalini.

    Has anyone explored this scent?

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    Default Re: Shalini - your opinions please

    I adore Shalini. I have been under her spell for over a year! It is in my top 5 and will be forever. Aedes had samples last time I looked. They say they just give you a drop but my sample was more than that. In my opinion, it is the truest of any Tuberouse out there. Unlike many, it is not cloying or heady. Subtle sillage that lasts forever! I just spritzed something else on me so I can't give you a blow by blow live action report of its beauty... but maybe tomorrow! While I admit this under duress, I own it. It was blistering expensive and I blew half of my fragrance budget for it last year. I have never regretted the splurge. Truly lovely and worth the experience... but be prepared. You may not be able to live without it. :-)
    Bel Respiro, I adore you... but my heart belongs to another.

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    Default Re: Shalini - your opinions please

    Sadly this one didn't wow me at all. For it's price, I wish it had and I wish I could say better things about it. It all has to do with chemistry, of course, but on me it smelled kind of cheap. Reminded me of Glade air freshener from the 70's. I'm usually a pretty big tuberose fan too. Wish I could give it better marks, but I just can't.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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