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    Wink EDT, CDP and EDC

    I have found the above three initial groupings stated after particular scent lists on this website and am in the dark as to what they mean.

    Could someone enlighten me please?

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    Default Re: EDT, CDP and EDC

    Unless I am wrong: Eau de Toilette, Concentree de Parfum, and Eau de Cologne.

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    Default Re: EDT, CDP and EDC

    In case "CDP" is a typo, and perhaps it isn't, you might mean EdP. EdP means Eau de Parfum.

    EdT, EdP, and EdC are descriptions of different concentrations, or strengths of fragrances.

    EdC being the weaker, EdT being next strongest (and the concentration most common in men's fragrances), and EdP being the strongest of the three. Very seldom is an edp released of a men's scent, but Guerlain, Boucheron, Lalique, and several other houses have done so. Stronger than EdP but not on your list is straight Parfum grade, or extrait. It's the deepest concentration.

    This answer to the question is from the Web site of the American Society of Perfumers:
    Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum are all alcoholic solutions of fragrance oils. They differ in the percentage of fragrance oil, and the grade of alcohol. An EDT is a 6-15% solution of fragrance oil in an 80% grade of alcohol. Eau de Cologne is a 3-6% solution of fragrance oil in a 70% grade alcohol. An Eau de Parfum usually contains 15-25% fragrance oil in pure ethyl alcohol. (The grade of alcohol denotes the % of alcohol to water.)
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