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    Default Need Help (L'Artisan Parfumeur)


    I need some help deciding which fragrance to try.

    There are two (2) by L'Artisan Parfumeur that I'd like to own:


    L'Artisan fragrances are very expensive, so I want to purchase one only.

    Which of the two should I purchase?

    We'll let the discussion go on for a while, then when I feel like enough people have "voted" and everyone who wanted to express an opinion has done so, we will tally the votes and decide.

    THANKS! :-)

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    Default Re: Need Help (L'Artisan Parfumeur)

    This is a very subjectve and individual decision you need to make for yourself. Our opinions should not really influence you. I prefer VdR, but test them several times and make your own statement with them. They are both good.

    Passage d' Enfer, translated means "gates of hell" and is named after an early L' Artisan shop that was on a street of this name. It's a smoky incense fragrance that is quite nice but ultimately I decided the drydown worked better as a feminine fragrance - I gave it to my girlfriend who has always loved it much more than I do. As an incense fragrance I really prefer Comme De Garcon's incense series to L' Artisan. Although Navegar is my other favorite L'Artisan and it has a peppery incense scent to it that I like very much - recommended.

    Voleur d' Roses is one of my favorite frags. The combination of rose and patchouli creates an otherworldly scent with a subliminal high mental vibe that becomes a part of you, kind of grows onto your subconscious. Be sure you really like it because it will want to stay. It's not really patchouli and not rose but patchouli/rose an all new thing - sort of hypnotic. I like it a lot. I smell it even when not wearing it - it's memorable and is unique.

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    Default Re: Need Help (L'Artisan Parfumeur)

    it is an oft-cited suggestion, but one can get samples pretty cheaply from either luckyscent or aedesvenustas. I would get those two as well as a few other L'artisans (Dzonkha, for one).

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    Default Re: Need Help (L'Artisan Parfumeur)

    I'd also like to try some of the COMME DES GARÇONS stuff, most notably INCENSE AVIGNON. But someone just told me that the CDG "Incense" series isn't very good, and that I'd be better off trying the "Red" series instead. It says how ignorant I really am about fragrance that I didn't even know until just today that Comme des Garçons is, in fact, a JAPANESE company, not French!

    I'd like to try some of the Bond No. 9 fragrances, too, especially BLEECKER STREET and FIRE ISLAND, but they, too, are far too expensive. Anyone know where I can get Bond No. 9 samples?

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    Default Re: Need Help (L'Artisan Parfumeur)

    I had exactly the same decision to make a couple of years ago. But it was no either / or. The only question was: which one first! As it's Wintertime soon, I would clearly opt for Voleur first. Although not really a fragrance for cold winter days either, you could wear it for dinners or romance. Passage is like a summer breeze, and you will enjoy it more next spring than you might now. I hope you can afford them both in the long run. Take your time! .
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    Default Re: Need Help (L'Artisan Parfumeur)

    VdR of those two for sure.

    I love other L'APs more though; Timbuktu , Fou d'Absinthe , and Ananas Fizz

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Need Help (L'Artisan Parfumeur)

    They're both good - and you should pick the one that you feel is best for you.

    I love both. I owned Voleur de Roses but now I just have a decant of it (didn't wear it enough for a full bottle). PdE I have never owned - mostly because I have been putting my money towards the Comme des Garcons Incense Series which to me is superior to PdE.

    Good luck!
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