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    Default Good scent for winter ?

    What´s a good scent for winter ?

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    The first thing that came to my mind was Gucci pour Homme. I was wearing it in the warmer weather and was less than wowed with it but when the weather started to cool down I tried it again and it was like a whole different animal. Very nice!
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    Basenotes Plus

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    I disagree with those posts. My point is: in the winter you need to feel warm and comfy. Escada pour homme & Lagerfeld classic, prferably the less cloying after shave of the latter are the best choices in my opinion. Both are highly affordable on the internet. I wish I had more tips but there is so much I haven´t tried yet - like Guerlains Habit rouge.

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    Burberry London

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    D&G ph
    Gucci Envy

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    Shiseido Feminité du Bois is a good scent for winter.

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    I would say:

    Gucci Envy
    Lolita Lempicka au Masculin
    John Varvatos
    Bvlgari Black
    Dior Homme
    Animale Animale
    Carven Homme
    Tea for Two
    Safran Troublant
    Ambre Sultan
    Ambre Extreme
    Patchouli Patch
    Patchouli Leaves

    There is a list for you. Anything warm will work. I like vanilla basenotes and just about all of these that I have listed will have that.

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    Warm and fuzzies, hot and sultries:

    DSH Cimabue
    Jaipur Homme EdP
    Musc Ravageur
    Mechant Loup
    Ambre Sultan

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    How about Bogner: Snow Man
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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    Bvlgari Black
    Bvlgari BLV Notte
    Carlos Santana
    Montana Parfum D'Homme

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    Gucci PH

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    Angel Bmen
    Gucci PH
    Burberry Brit

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    Smile Re: Good scent for winter ?

    There are 3 Burberry fragrances that cover Winter well.

    1. Burberry Touch for bright crisp winter days/office. . .very unusual and soothing. . .not too heavy

    2. Burberry London for Winter afternoons/casual evenings

    3. Burberry Brit for a nice evening scent for winter (very sweet rose/barber shop powder smell) kind of reminds me of 1920s top hat fare or something. . .will get you noticed. . .smells a bit old fashioned but in a good, somewhat sophisticated way
    . . .I have not found the perfect scent for winter evenings but this is about as close as it gets for me so far. . .Gucci Pour Homme is OK. . .

    Something about Brit still bothers me though at times. . .a bit dry or powdery. . .or too sweet. . .still good though

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    Opium homme eau de parfum

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    Default Re: Good scent for winter ?

    Sweet and stron scents like:
    Lolita Lempicka
    Xerius Rouge

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