Countains: bergamot, pink pepper, leather, ginger, lily, ylang ylang, jasmine, incense, vanilla, ambrette and animalic notes.

This perfume reaches an untouchable taboo. A full floral fragrance for men.
It's rich floral, as dark, as It has distinctive animalistic notes, leather notes and a rising note of natural vanilla.
The perfume starts light with ginger and bergamot. The lily can be detect inmediately. There's also a halo of balsamic accord on it.
The juice goes progessively dark with jasmin mixed with the lily and the incorporation of a smoky leather and castoreum. It's without the shadow of the doubt, stinky, in an realistic animal way, but it's also marvellously hypnotic, addictive, in a perverse way.. ( according with vibert!).
The perfume ends in a blend of a shy hint of jasmin flower with smoky incense, animalistic notes, creamy vanilla (that get more and more noticiable), and a musty musk notes.
I detest vanilla in perfumes, but in this one, It just make sense, It has to be there.
Whitout this accord, the fragrance probably could be a young brother of "Vierges et Toreros", very manly. The vanilla touch gives the perfume an unisex twist.
I'm really dissapointed with the lasting power, as is just medicocre. Really bad.
After two hours, it's gone off your skin, as other fantastic launch "Jasmin et cigarretes", but that's another history...
Pity, if the vanilla note was more subtle and the sillage stronger, I'd wore it.