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    Default Interested in a group investigation of DUPES?

    I'm wearing one of the perfume oils I ordered from The Fragrance Shop and am enjoying this version of Black Orchid at bit more than the original. Plus, I like the pure oil/non-alcohol formulation, since additives can get in the way of the fragrance.

    When I made my selections to sample, I chose a couple products I knew well and figured would be hard to beat--Boucheron, Jicky--and those dupes fell short of these classics. The other three I tried--Black Orchid, Hanae Mori, Ultraviolet--were scents whose originals almost worked for me, and I was hoping the dupes might come closer to succeeding. Of these, only the Ultraviolet failed, and that's probably primarily because I strain to perceive violet notes.

    I now have some interest in exploring these so-called "knock-offs" for whom I had no respect before.

    I'd like to learn your impressions of some of these products and whether you have other sources to recommend in addition to the links below.

    The Fragrance Shop sells samples for $3.50 each.

    Nantucket Natural Oils is a company along the same lines as TFS, but I don't see a section about ordering samples.
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    Default Re: Interested in a group investigation of DUPES?

    I have always been open about my love of 'dupes' or smellalikes. I don't mean the dimestore kind that are cut with cat's pee and anything else the seller can find to stretch the liquid - I mean the ones where talented respectful perfumers have attempted to faithfully recreate scent that may be unattainable for many for whatever reason.

    One of my favourites is Ava Luxe Chaotic / Chaos type that I received in a swap a few years ago. Sadly I have never had the opportunity to sample the original but this blend is a sublime beauty in its own right. It is one of my HG scents that I would never like to be without - regardless of whether it is an exact replica of the original scent or not.

    In other circumstances I have found that a dupe is the better choice for me due to issues concerning longevity and sillage. I fell hopelessly in love with Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir a year or two ago, but as many have found the cologne does not last two minutes. I bought a dupe oil that was similar but also different in a better way than the original! I layer them together and the result is sublime!

    Piguet Fracas tends to 'disappear' on me, even in parfum form but I have recently experienced a dupe that is actually 99.8% similar but actually has some presence on my skin. Now i can begin to understand a little of what everyone is on about when they sing it's praises. I am considering buying a bottle of that to add to my collection for next summer... :toppie:
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    Default Re: Interested in a group investigation of DUPES?

    I've always been rather disdainful of dupes, as well, but I recently got a sample of Ava Luxe Ingenue, which is a dupe of Deneuve, and I love it. I've never smelled Deneuve, so I have no idea if it's at all similar, but it's a lovely fragrance in it's own right. So, now my mind is open to reproductions done by serious perfumers.
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    Default Re: Interested in a group investigation of DUPES?

    I bought a knock-off of Chanel #5 a while back and it was pretty good. It's the only one I've tried so far. I was a good low price option to test it on my skin and see how it would work.

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    Default Re: Interested in a group investigation of DUPES?

    I have a Child dupe that I wear with a fair amount of regularity- especially in the summer. It's pretty spot on to me.

    Mostly my experience with dupes has been 50/50. Sometimes they work great and sometimes not.

    I think it's wonderful that you've been able to find some that you like even better than the originals!
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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