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I have to agree, I'm finding no 5 edt very easy to wear and it works for most occasions. My second choice at the moment would be Bulgari The Rouge.
I have been searching for an all purpose "anytime" fragrance. No 5 was my staple for years, I would like to try the new Premiere, but they are pulling it from the shelves and I can't find it online. Just my luck. lol!

I am enjoying No 19 edp this fall, I didn't like it much in the past, maybe I had tried the edt version before. It's nice, but for me, not a scent I'd wear every day. Wondering about Chanel Cristalle edp, people say it's more flowery than the original edt which I don't really care for. I might like that.

Also regret giving my bottle of Panthere Eau Legere away, I didn't like the grapefruit top note, but the drydown is gorgeous and I keep thinking about it, maybe I'll get another one. I was too quick to pass judgment on it, very workable for an every day scent.

Right now, I really have nothing I enjoy wearing anytime. Still on the hunt...
I do plan to get Champs Elysees, it smells great!