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    Default the 'next level'

    Hi everyone,
    Living in OZ I haven't really had a chance to explore any niche or 'higher end' fragrances...all I know is what I see in the department stores.
    So basically i'm looking at possibly purchasing my first Creed.. I'm also considering Egoiste as I love JPG (Le Male) and the vanilla notes...
    To give you an idea, my favourite two fragrances I own are Gucci Envy and Armani Code. Envy makes me feel like a million bucks and i love the drydown, and Code i just love the from start to finish. I mentioned JPG already, it would sit 3rd. CK Truth is my day to day fragrance.
    I am also very keen to get a bottle of Vera Wang for Men, to me it has the sophistication of Envy and the sweetness of Code all in one....Anyways...back to the reason I'm posting...please feel free to recommend me some more exotic fragrances
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: the 'next level'

    Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan comes to mind. I love the stuff. I would definately try before you buy though

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    Default Re: the 'next level'

    Gday mate..! Welcome to Basenotes...!
    Whereabouts in Australia are ya..?
    Serge Lutens is definitely a house you should look into.. if you're anywhere near a mecca cosmetics store, I think they're the only ones carrying it..
    Would also recommend:
    Givenchy Pi - sweet and vanilla-ish,
    Paul Smith London for men - really beautiful rich scent and
    Ralph Lauren Polo Black...
    While you're at department stores maybe you could try DKNY Men as well..
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    Default Re: the 'next level'

    ooh another aussie welcome to basenotes!
    second the givenchy pi - i love the vanilla. maybe try body kouros by ysl too.
    have fun!

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: the 'next level'


    Try either of these 3:

    Terre de Hermes by Hermes
    Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez
    Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford
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    I'll definately try Pi, Body Kouros, Narciso Rodriguez and see if I can get my hands on Serge Lutens to sample.
    I'm in brisbane which is probably the worst city to be in for sampling rare fragrances :P
    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the great suggestions!!

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