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    Default What is the difference:cologne/perfume/EDT, etc?.

    I would appreciate your helping me understand the delineation here. Thanks.

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    Default Re: What is the difference:cologne/perfume/EDT, etc?.

    Hello, Islandwriter,
    Welcome to Basenotes. By coincidence we just had a thread on the subject on the Male Fragrance Discussion board. I hope this helps out.
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    Default Re: What is the difference:cologne/perfume/EDT, etc?.

    These terms refer to the strength of the fragrance, or more specifically, to how much high grade alcohol and/or water has been added to the fragrance oils. Parfum (generally the most concentrated form you can buy) has 15-25% perfume oil dissolved in alcohol.

    Eau Fraiche (Usually 3% or less perfume oil)
    EDC - Eau de cologne (2 - 5% perfume oil)
    EDT - Eau de toilette (4 - 10% perfume oil)
    EDP - Eau de parfum (8 - 15% perfume oil)
    Soie de Parfum (15 - 18% perfume oil)
    PARFUM or Perfume (15 - 25% -- also sometimes referred to as extract or extrait)
    Perfume oil (15-30% perfume oil in an oil rather than alcohol base)

    Parfum de Toilette: Most companies use this term to describe a concentration that is either the same as EDP, or between EDP and Parfum. However, some companies use the term to describe an EDT concentration, so beware

    Some companies also use different notes, or different proportions of notes, in the different forms of fragrance they offer.
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    Default Re: What is the difference:cologne/perfume/EDT, etc?.

    Thank you for taking the time to give such an informative response. It is appreciated.

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