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    Default Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    Just recieved one of those dirt cheap 30 sample sets off of Ebay, and I'm on a testing spree.
    I really don't know what to think. In some ways I'm incredibly impressed by the development (the frags changed so much over the span of a few hours I got seriously confused as to what I'd put where! Good thing I take notes) but I also get a really cheap smell from a lot of them, mostly those marketed to women. The men's I don't get cheapness at all, but a lot of nostalgia. I put on Parfums d'Habit and Eau des Iles and got such a feeling of something in my childhood that it almost brought tears to my eyes. Not because it was sad but because it was so present.
    So... opinions, reactions, reviews, etc?
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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    I have a couple and some of the men's scents are fabulous indeed. I've been craving Route de Vetiver, and only have a small sample.

    Iris Bleu Gris is quite fine and better, on me, than the women's Fleur D'Iris which is brighter and tangy.

    Jardin Blanc is very heavy-duty and needs a light hand, I have only a sample of this one too and it, like so many MPGs, ends up somewhere more pleasant than where it starts. I thought this was the strongest white floral in the world and it felt as if if I was rubbing my nose in the flowers and getting a bitter overdose....but it mellowed down into a more gardeny version. I don't think I'll buy a big bottle of this one.

    A favorite is Soie Rouge a peachy carnation, but again, very strong at first, but elegant later.

    Secrete Datura is a lush floral that develops beautifully for me, and I should wear it more. I think that if Hawthorne was alive today he'd choose this one for Rappaccini's Daughter, Beatrice, to wear
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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    Their Santal Noble fragrance is highly regarded on the men's side.
    I tried it and found it quite pleasing, almost universally so, with everyone on whom I tested it. It is sweet, but not overdone, warm and carmelly (the supporting note is actually coffee). I think it is an excellent introductiont to sandalwood fragrances.

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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    Ambre Precieux in the men's line is one of the best ambers I've come across...and very unisex. Apparently Route de Vetiver has been reformulated (old bottles - cut red glass; new bottles - smooth orange/red glass).
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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    I enjoy many of their scents...
    Really, a vast variety, something for everyone in the lineup.
    Favorites ?
    Route de Vetiver- rooty/ tooty, love it.
    Ambre Precieux- glorious, but subtle.
    Santal Noble- wow.
    Rose Muskissime- just beautiful.

    Stop me, now.

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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    So far I'm finding the men's line more to my taste, and Santal Noble and Route de Vetiver are certainly standouts. I also was really intrigued by Garrigue and Grain de Plaisir. I think the women's line in general is more suited for warmer weather (at least on me.) So far my favourites there have been Or des Indes (though I can't tell if it smells like sweetgrass - which I love - or bit like dirty diapers), Magnolia Pourpre, and Soie Rouge. Right now I'm testing Eau de Gantier which I can't really smell.
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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    MMMmmm I love Or Des Indes!
    I had Eau de Mure but the musk was a bit sickening to me after a few hours- so naturaly it was the longest lasting MPG ever
    The Jardins Blanc is a fav, but it's so expensive I put off getting a bottle.

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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    Quote Originally Posted by pellen View Post
    So far I'm finding the men's line more to my taste, and Santal Noble and Route de Vetiver are certainly standouts. I also was really intrigued by Garrigue and Grain de Plaisir. I think the women's line in general is more suited for warmer weather (at least on me.) So far my favourites there have been Or des Indes (though I can't tell if it smells like sweetgrass - which I love - or bit like dirty diapers), Magnolia Pourpre, and Soie Rouge. Right now I'm testing Eau de Gantier which I can't really smell.
    I think that may be , because it's a musk w/ fruit...
    Musk anosmia setting in !

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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    Don't you just love those thirtysomething-sample-grab-bag things...keep you busy, huh?

    I own and love: Route du Vetiver, Baime and Secret Melange. RdV is easy to love, but Baime and SM are real unique aromatic scents (not everyone likes herbs quite so prominent...if you know what I mean).

    I have also been sufficiently blown away bu Jardin du Nil (dirty flowers) and Bahiana (beautiful tropical flower goodness...I have a distinct memory of testing this on my Puerto Rican summer vacation out in the sun - wonderful juice).
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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    I enjoy several MPG scents and think the house is generally underrated. Their scents are often bold and assertive, with a certain "raw" quality about them. (Could this be the "cheap" impression that you're getting?) Several start out quite disconcerting, then resolve into something wonderful.

    Santal Noble is a beautiful, sophisticated, not-quite-gourmand take on sandalwood, with a superb mossy/amber drydown.

    Iris Bleu Gris is an emphatically rooty iris of tremendous character. One of the most impressive iris scents I've tried, and unisex to boot, though marketed to men.

    Route du Vetiver is rumored to have been reformulated, but the scent I know is an uncompromising, tough, earthy vetiver of extraordinary strength. This is one of those MPG scents that are scary when they first go on.

    Parfum d'Habit is also hard to take when first applied, but evolves into a potent, hard-edged, dry woodsy/leather/vetiver scent that brings to mind the deepest of forests. Many feel that it's a testosterone bomb, and I wonder what it would take for a woman to pull this one off!

    Bahiana is gorgeous. For once, a tropical, fruity scent that doesn't smell like suntan lotion or an icky-sweet cocktail with an umbrella in it. Tropical fruits and blossoms made transcendant by a brilliantly rendered rosewood/gaiac accord.

    Soie Rouge struck me as a bit too fruity-sweet, but might work much better on a woman.

    Rose Muskissime is a surprisingly crisp, fruity rose that would be great for casual wear. It takes rose and makes it bouyant.

    Ambre Precieux is one of the nicest ambers I know. Smooth, rich, complex and balanced. Why they market it as a male scent and not unisex is beyond me.

    Baime is a brilliant and daring herbal concoction, but its salad dressing connotations probably mean that it's a love-it-or-hate-it scent.

    Eau des Iles is another love-it-or-hate-it fragrance. It's insanely potent and packed with smoke. Not incense smoke, not campfire smoke, but cigarette smoke. It's a wild ride.

    Garrigue is a beautiful dry fougere that probably ought to be a lot more popular than it is. A lot of the men who rant and rave about Green Irish Tweed should give this one a try. It's got guts.

    Jardin du Nil is an indole-packed, animalic floral. You'll either think it's sexy as hell, or disgusting. I like it.

    Secrete Datura is a sweet, powdery floral that has always left me a little bit disappointed. I guess I'm used to more daring and agressive compositions from this house.

    Secret Melange is a nice, spicy, holiday kind of scent, with cinnamon, cloves, and orange rind in abundance. This too seems a little conventional compared with my favorites in the line.

    Racine is MPG's polite, wearable vetiver alternative, for those who just can't stomach the rooty depth of Route du Vetiver. Nice, but I'll take the strong stuff!

    Centaure is a very potent aromatic-herbal combination of lavender and mint. In many ways it typifies for me the "raw" uncompromising aspect of MPG fragrances.

    Fraiche Passiflore is my least favorite of the line so far. I find it oversweet and its fruit notes smell oddly synthetic - like a Jolly Rancher candy.

    Faicheur Muskissime is as nice as Passiflore is icky. Lighter than air, deliciously fruity musk that smells like a more refined and complex Mure et Musc. One of my wife's summer favorites!

    The line may not be consistent, but it's rarely boring, either!
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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    I tested a lot of these last spring so I've just edited my notes to post.

    I cribbed the pyramids, but the opinions are my own.

    Ambre Precieux (Amber, Lavender, Vanilla, and Nutmeg)
    On me- Jan or Feb-This is a lovely amber that to my nose does not develop the over sweetness that L’Occitane’s Ambre does. I find this to be neither feminine nor masculine, but very appealing. It does however, not last very long on skin- only somewhat perceptible after 1-2 hours. I like it on me and will check it on DH, but don’t think it will work well.
    On DH-3/4/07- nice and didn’t immediately go sweet, but it may be giving him a headache
    6/14 – DH’s notorious amber sweetening skin rendered this unwearable.

    Top Notes: Lemon peel, petitgrain, Brazilian orange, mint
    Heart Notes: Lavender, fir, black currant, jasmine, neroli
    Base Notes: Oakmoss, tobacco, vetiver, musk
    DH tried night of 2/20 and this one does not work on him at all- It quickly becomes ungodly sweet and then it reeks of camphor. I was right about the lavender- bet it is fir + mint that reads camphorous to me. And btw- it really clashes w/ Hermes Rouge.

    Fleur D'Iris (Iris flower, orris root, violet, rose, leafy greens, sandalwood)
    This one is lovely, rather delicate and ladylike- sweet, but not at all cloying. Fresh, but soft. I am hoping my mother will enjoy this.

    Garrigue (Thyme, Lavender, Mint, Sage and Rosemary)
    Nicely mannered traditional men’s scent but nothing compelling. DH tried a good splash on 2/24/07. Not too heavy, not stuffy.

    George Sands
    Top: lemon, bergamot
    Heart: patchouli, rose, and amber
    Base: musk,Mysore sandalwood
    Tried on 3/3/07- This one is just delicious- sure wouldn’t kick it off my tray.
    Few more wearings- basically a good oriental but the small bottle will do

    Iris Bleu Gris (Iris Flower, Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot, Vanilla, and Moss)
    First thought was that I could wear this, but it changed pretty quickly to wondering how it would work on DH. Not sure what makes me identify this as a men’s fragrance, but I certainly do. I thought I smelled vetiver and sandalwood
    Very tasty indeed on DH- but it does seem to need a heavy hand and disappears rather quickly.

    Or Des Indes (Amber, Vanilla, Opoponax, Bergamot, Geranium, and Lavender)
    Fragrance Style: Romantic
    Or Des Indes on me- instant love affair- just my style of oriental- love lavender w/ sandalwood, reminds me of Shalimar, but fresher and spicier
    6/4- unlike many orientals of this style, this was all gone by morning- enjoyable but not going for a full bottle

    Parfum D'Habit (Vetiver, Leather, Patchouli, Bergamot, and Blackcurrant)
    Tried on DH night of 3/14- Spite the notes this one was rather a camphor bomb on DH

    Racine by (Vetiver, Citrus Fruits, Bergamot, and Oak Moss)
    Racine smells very nice on DH- rather green, but the sandalwood shows- needs a bigger dose to really evaluate, did not go sugary on DH

    Route du Vetiver
    Top Notes: Black currant, leafy green accords
    Heart Notes: Bourbon vetiver, precious woods, jasmine
    Base Notes: Sandalwood, musk
    My first and lasting impression of this is of smoke- and if this is a pure expression of vetiver, the three other Vetivers (Carven, L’Occitane, Guerlain) that I have known are far from it. I like this a lot on DH. It had staying power and an interesting sillage- it never blasted me but I got a trail wafting occasionally for hours.
    Months later a few more notes- This one has a great deal of traction. Himself can put it on lightly early in the evening, dance for hours and still have going the next morning. It is neither easy or polite, but very masculine.

    Santal Noble by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
    Top Notes: Coffee beans, spice oils, incense
    Heart Notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, vetiver
    Base Notes: Ambegris, oakmoss, vanilla
    I found this to be truly gender neutral, but a very fine dry and refined sandalwood. Wish it lasted longer on me- will certainly try it on DH.
    3/19- gorgeous on DH as well
    swapped and got an ounce of this- very pleased

    Secret Mélange (Cloves, Orange Spices, Lemon, Lavender, Rose, and Patchouli)
    With apologies to anyone who wears this well-
    Trying afternoon 3/18 and so far not so good. It opened up with a surprisingly feminine floral spicey accord, but has in just a few minutes gone into a rather on oily synthetic sulk
    Yup, greasy, soapy, only bearable outside and with nothing to recommend itself to me, I scrubbed this off pretty quickly

    Secrete Datura
    Top Notes: Leafy green accord, orange blossom, lily, datura, lemon blossom, heliotrope
    Heart Notes: Honeysuckle, neroli, vanilla, chocolate, hyacinth
    Base Notes: Iris, ambergris, musk, vetiver, cedar.
    Also listed-jasmine, wallflower, sandalwood
    Interesting, but not easy to wear or get. A bit disturbing
    Passed on to daughter who does better with narcotic scents than I do

    Soie Rouge (Apricot, Carnation, Heliotrope, Pineapple, Iris Jasmine)
    Very warm and develops well on me, but it needs more spark- I would like the carnation to be a lot stronger- it also lacks staying power- mostly gone in 2-3 hours. Took a while to figure out the apricot but I like the soft round effect. All in all, it is still one of my favorites of the line.
    Sending BEMs scuttling back to Betelgeuse with my fierce fumage!

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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the MPG line?

    Eau de Iles, I fell in love with a sample and had to order the bottle as Les Senteurs didn't stock it.
    Very stark, dark almost burnt coffee and as has been said dark charred woods.

    Fleur d'Iris girly is what I would call this one. It has a delicate lightness to it.

    Secrete Datura a total powerhouse of flowers. It should be overpowering sweet and sickly, but it some how manages to avoid it. Very feminine.

    I have a decent of Comme de Fleurs. Vanilla warm cosy not teeth aching sweet.

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