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    Default I've Found My Dream Chypre: K de Krizia

    I've been sniffing around for a fem/masc Chypre cross-over. I've tried Bandit, which I found too harsh. Cabochard reminded me of Aramis a bit too much. Miss Dior almost made it, but I couldn't stop thinking that it isn't what it once was. Chanel 19 came so close, but I'm not convinced. I haven't tried Cristalle EdT, yet, but it sounds intriguing.
    A sample of K de Krizia came with a shipment from Beautiful Perfumes, and I have to say it was a lucky surprise.
    My question: is it the original formula or was it a victim of the Oak Moss ban?
    Thanks for any information.
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    Default Re: I've Found My Dream Chypre: K de Krizia

    I have a bottle as well...its very nice, but too much of a sparkly floral for me. As far as I know, its still the original formula (god knows its still in the original hideous bottle!)

    In case you didn't know, it was created by the great Maurice Roucel.

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    Default Re: I've Found My Dream Chypre: K de Krizia

    My mom was gifted this when I lived at home - I distinctly remember the bottle sitting on her dresser, yet she never wore it...I think at that time of her life she'd developed allergies to some scents.

    If I remember back to what this smelled like - I think it has quite a lot of moss in it, no? Perhaps this is what tips it over into being wearable for you. When I smell a prominent moss scent (men, women, unisex) I always think of a fougere scent, which I always associate with very 'masculine' scents.

    I'd love to smell this again...

    Did you test the EdT or the EdP ?
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    Default Re: I've Found My Dream Chypre: K de Krizia

    I remember this one from years ago, and I remember liking it very much. I'll have to seek it out again. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Default Re: I've Found My Dream Chypre: K de Krizia

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    I'd love to smell this again...Did you test the EdT or the EdP ?
    It was the EdT. It is very mossy. Moss, like leather, is a difficult note for me, it has to be perfect. I'm still searching for a leather that I can wear - but, I am trying to round out my wardrobe to include all the great themes. I seem to have an easier time with Orientals and Fougeres than I do with Chypres. I like Tiffany for Men, but it's just a slightly bit "Old School" for me.
    K de Krizia is a floral heart chypre, I believe, with a lot of moss and wood in the dry-down. I've yet to try the EdP. I wonder if anyone out there has?

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