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    So I've been working on a personal scent for a few years now, off and on. Aiming for something in the vein of Ungaro III, Zino, or (less so) Egoiste.. something dark and rosy. I think I may be nearing a point where my experience and ingredient collection are sufficient for the task. However...

    I threw something together yesterday. Rose, patchouli, and spice heart, some sharp citrus and rosewood on top, and kind of a leather/incense blend for the base. Put a little on my hand to test it immediately (I have no patience for aging blends, heh) and took mental notes throughout the day.

    After I got home from work, I gave myself another dab, to see if I noticed anything new. Well, I noticed something new alright. I noticed that this blend was the darkest perfume I ever smelled. Forget all those wussy-boy wannabes unfairly christened "Black" when there's nothing remotely black about them. Forget Zino and Ungaro III, supposedly the scents of vampires and chill graves.. as well as Rive Gauche, Drakkar Noir, and Trussardi Uomo (to whom it nods gravely as it passes beyond to the deepest, blackest region of fragrance Hades).

    This is not a scent for goths, badass bikers, tuxedos, or billionaire executives on a permanent power lunch. No. This is a scent for an apocalypse: burnt, bitter, and toxic. This is a scent for blasphemous evil gods and those who commit acts of cruelty and murder in their service.

    I'll have to throw it out and start over, of course. The moral of this story is: dilute your isobutyl quinoline! Then dilute some more!

    (Admittedly, just because it's too foul to use as perfume doesn't mean that it's not still a work of art, in a way.. and I'm amused by the thought of adding Safraleine for a "heated metal" note and pretending the whole thing was deliberate. It'd certainly be a lot more evil than any of the candy-floral crap BPAL waxes poetic about.)
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    Wow, sounds like Dali pour homme taken to the next level. I want!

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    No, you really don't.. it's fascinating, but also unpleasant. Just from smelling it, I can almost taste it in the back of my mouth, like oily charcoal. I wanted dark, yeah, but this is ridiculous ^^;;

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    Heh, I guess I was falling prey to a brief stint of optimism. That's unlike me! Well, if you manage to make something similar although a bit more civilized, let me know. Actually, when you finish your Ungaro III/Zino killer, let me know! THAT sounds like it would be a holy grail contender.

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    I just hope I don't end up duplicating or approximating one of the other dark rose scents out there as I'm using a lot of the same notes. Then again, if I manage to come up with something that I like and it just happens to duplicate a commercial frag at a fraction of the cost, how can I complain?

    (After reading the reviews for Dali PH, I'd guess there is a kinship there. Anise and sage for a blood note? Intriguing.. maybe I'll make that uber-evil blend after all...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xplo View Post
    I'll have to throw it out and start over, of course. The moral of this story is: dilute your isobutyl quinoline! Then dilute some more!

    I definitely agree about the isobutyl quinoline-- you really have to dilute it a LOT.

    Don't throw it away though... Make a nice fresh citrus scent. THEN... take maybe one drop of your "black death" mix or whatever you call it and throw that into your overall citrus mix. See if you don't change your mind about mistakes. Never throw anything away-- no matter how foul. There's almost always a place for it-- as a modifying accord.( provided it's the proper minute amount, and well diluted).
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    I'm still interested...did anything ever come of this?

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    I'm still working on the "Zino killer" in my spare time, which I don't have a lot of.

    The super evil black ritual and deadly apocalypse fragrance is just an idea on my metaphorical shelf.

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