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    Default Parfum d'Empire Fougere Bengale

    Anyone think this is a smoother version of the original Boucheron?

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    Default Re: Parfum d'Empire Fougere Bengale

    I have to disagree, unfortunately. I'm actually wearing it today, from a sample. It starts off being very similar to Dior's Eau Noir but not so sharp and pungent (also minus the lavender). There's also an agreeable burnt note in the opening. However, during the drydown, it develops into something very similar to SL's Arabie. I only discovered this fact an hour ago and am glad I never invested in a bottle.

    That said, it's far more pleasant to wear than Eau Noir but it's not as unique as I was hoping.

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    Default Re: Parfum d'Empire Fougere Bengale

    Trebor, I get that burnt note also, but not as bad as in Bulgari Black. It smelt bitter coming out of the tester I received, but it is mellowing fast. On the other wrist, I have Eau Lende by Diptyque and it also has some simlarity to Arabie.

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    Default Re: Parfum d'Empire Fougere Bengale

    Thanks guys!

    That's why I love this scent so much !
    It's the similarity with Arabie,
    but more wearable somehow.

    I really like it!
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    Default Re: Parfum d'Empire Fougere Bengale

    I think this is more similar to Arabie, in fact, it is almost exact to my nose.

    I was thinking that Tauer La Air du Desert Mor. was too similar to Cherqui but it inot as close as these two

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    Default Re: Parfum d'Empire Fougere Bengale

    It's similarities to Arabie and Eau Noire I get - however this scent is able to stand on it's own. Neither of the two I mentioned feel 'cuddly' to me, even though I own both and wear them ever-so-often. Fougere Bengale is the best of both of these fragrances - with a decidedly complex 'cuddle factor' added.

    A generous Basenoter is sending me a decant of it to play with this autumn - I'm looking forward to it. The samples from Luckyscent got my attention.
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    Smile Re: Parfum d'Empire Fougere Bengale

    I tried this from a sample from lucky scent. It was a tad too sweet for me. Otherwise I liked it. It did not stand out though. It reminded me of alot of other scents I already have.

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    Default Re: Parfum d'Empire Fougere Bengale


    I think I mentioned somewhere that Fougere Bengale reminded me a bit of Mechant Loup. It seems that everyone is experiencing deja vu with this one, but none of us are reminded of the same scent.

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    Default Re: Parfum d'Empire Fougere Bengale

    I am going to have to order a sample of this from Les Senteurs. I didn't like Eau Noire very much, but I love Arabie,
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