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    Default Tumulte @ Marshalls

    I spotted this at Marshalls today as the store starts to stock up for the holiday season on fragrances. This always the best to scent picks..

    Well I finally tried this scent and to me it a copy of Visit but I find Visit more longer lasting and deeper. Nice bottle though.

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    Default Re: Tumulte @ Marshalls

    I saw the women's version yesterday at the Marshall's I was in. Was it the men's version you saw?
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    Default Re: Tumulte @ Marshalls

    Yep the men's in a purple/silver box and bottle....said Pour Homme on it. Smelled a very masculine woody for a woman to pull this scent off.

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    Default Re: Tumulte @ Marshalls

    What price at Marshall's? It's a little over an hour drive for me, but if the price is good I'll make the drive. I made a mistake and only got a 30 ml when I was in Paris earlier this year.
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    Default Re: Tumulte @ Marshalls

    Gotta check out my local Marshalls asap.
    Thanks, scentimus .
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    Default Re: Tumulte @ Marshalls

    I love this scent. Visit is also great, but it seems harsher to me. Tumulte is one of those scents that is gone and then keeps coming back when I wear it,

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    Default Re: Tumulte @ Marshalls

    Thanks - I was talking to scentemental about this a couple days ago...he compared it to Kyoto (CdG) and 3 (CdG), I will have to see if I can drop by Marshall's soon.
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    Default Re: Tumulte @ Marshalls

    My local only has the 1.7 for $19.95.

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