I was amased by the amount of "CELEB" scents on the shelves coming this winter holidays

Some Celeb name had no face - I mean celeb in 2007 it is a good face with make up !!!
But Celeb is also becoming - "what has she done to get that status"

Well Celeb are no STAR - ICON - IDOLE ETC........ it is a relief then !!!!

Yes dont get me wrong - the scent is probably the most intimate / sexy way to get as near as possible to the IDOLIZED little celeb !!! or to be her/him for a day - evey day

This market is A REAL BOMB generating millions of EUROSSS !! (no dollars at the moment !!!! lol)

How far are we gona go - the well know chefs - CNN presenters - the maire - nothing can stop them really !!!!

However if you want to ditch 2500.00 you can have an appointment at Floris London to create your own perfume - and then you can be every stars - idols and icon at once - how classy !!!

What are your thoughts