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    Hey hi all ladies!
    I'm male but is it so weird if I have a thread that is posted in your place?
    Just a small question!
    Yesterday, I decided to give my girlfriend a perfume as a gift. After testing some scents like Armani Code, L'Instant de Guerlain, Angel..., I found Mariah Carey's M by accident, which I thought the best choice for her. Beautiful bottle. Nice, sweet and long lasting scent. So, what do you think about M? Is it a best scent for this Christmas? Thanks for your attention

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    Hi chocolateguy!
    You are more than welcome to post here anytime!

    I have never sniffed M, but the bottle looks beautiful, I agree. Know what? Since you like this scent I absolutely think you should buy it for your girlfriend!!!
    No matter what scent you buy, there is never a *safe* buy, since tastes are so different (thank God!).

    Good luck!
    Everything passes. Everything changes. Just do what you think you should do.
    --Bob Dylan

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    I only smelled it from the magazine strip & I thought it was very pretty

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    I approached M with caution and was actually really surprised at how nice it was.
    Soft powdery sweet oriental.

    If you girlfriend likes the above then yes do buy it as a gift.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donna255 View Post
    I approached M with caution and was actually really surprised at how nice it was.
    Soft powdery sweet oriental.
    Ditto. I even gave my sample to my mum in case I actually liked it (I have a resolution to stay away from anymore celebrity fragrances ) But then I kept smelling it and going "ooh you smell nice!"

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    Go for it! And please feel free to post here anytime, I post on the men's section.

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    Dear my basenotes friends, I'm really happy when reading all your lovely replies about M. And I decide to buy M and save it until this Christmas to give her. And she'll like it, for sure Thanx for your help

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