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    Question Domenico Caraceni at ??

    Has anyone ordered Domenico Caraceni from this site?
    Was it all ok?
    I can only find Domenico Caraceni 1913 at the above site or a german site called first in fragrance although the german site is almost 20 euros more than the above site.
    Please can you let me know as if it is fine i'm going to order it.
    Many Thanks.

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    Default Re: Domenico Caraceni at ??

    that german site has awful prices, ganz schrecklich!

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    Default Re: Domenico Caraceni at ??

    Hi Gazillionaire,

    My recommendation is that you just forget about that site (Profumissimi). In my experience, you will receive nothing but heartbreak and sorrow from that site. Last spring, a Basenotes friend and I placed an order with that site for two bottles of Domenico Caraceni. We noticed that site had a less expensive price for the Domenico Caraceni than the German site, and we also planned to save money by ordering two bottles with one shipment. My friend place the order for both of us. However, after he place the order, he never received a confirmation of any kind. Also, the site never responded to his many email inquiries about the status of the order. Also, he was never able to contact them by phone. Fortunately, that site never charged my friend's credit card, so there was no money lost. Finally, after a few weeks of repeated attempts to order from that site, we gave up and ordered from the German site, and we were immediately rewarded with an email confirmation that the order was placed and would be shipped within a day. About 10 -14 days later, we received our bottles in perfect condition.

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    Same experience here. Credit card was not debited (yet), no reaction to inquiries. While you pay full German retail prices at FiF (and high shipping when in the US), they are a top notch seller. Happily I managed to swap some Caraceni
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    hmm the italian site takes now takes payment by paypal! all the english is done by web translation. think I will enquire at paypal about what guarentee I would have using their paypal hookup...

    it's $50 less if they should be accountable via paypal I would want to give it a try for xmas... although obviously nothing would arrive by then...

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    I tried to place an order but at the end they added VAT 19% so the total for Europeans is more expensive than
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    ack that's just a link to ausliebe. I can't bring myself to deal with them their prices are insane 200 bucks for villoresi... it ain't right...

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