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    Default The Taste of Bois Farine

    First of all, let me preface this by saying that the affection I have for Bois Farine is quite high and has been steadily increasing for some time--I would probably put the scent in my top five, yet I have never even given it a full wearing! I always seem to end up with sample vials of it though, and all the time I dab some on my wrist as a comfort scent. I do plan on buying a decant in the near future to toy with the idea of actually wearing the stuff, especially since I think it would be a great cuddling scent in the winter.
    Anyways, enough being nice--today I actually tasted Bois Farine. No, I didn't stumble upon the rare flower in the woods that inspired the scent, but instead had a protein/energy bar. The brand is Detour and the flavor is White Chocolate Peanut Butter. As soon as I bit into it, my taste buds and nostrils were assaulted with the sensation of Bois Farine. Pretty cool. I suggest all Bois Farine fans try this this bar, which can be bought at GNC and I'm sure other places as well.
    Anyways, just thought I'd share this experience. If anyone else has had similar experiences, definitely throw those into the mix as well.

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    Default Re: The Taste of Bois Farine

    Funny story! Now I want to taste the protein bar. YUM.

    This reminds me of the article that Sniffapalooza posted, where Chandler Burr spoke about his Scent Dinners and he mentions Bois Farine was one of the first scents that the Executive Chef for the Carlyle Hotel smelled and made a scent/food connection.

    The question and answer I'll post below and the whole article can be read here.

    Mark David: What was the process of choosing the particular fragrances that corresponded to the courses like? Once the fragrance was chosen, did you work with chef Jimmy Sakatos closely to conceive the course or did you let him have complete control over the food part of the event?

    Chandler Burr: With Jimmy it was extremely specific: At our first meeting I brought in about 40 perfumes that were either in the gourmand category or contained gourmand raw materials, like Estée Lauder's Pleasures, which has a spectacular Firmenich natural pink peppercorn. We went through them, and for the first hour Jimmy just thought I was completely crazy. He's a good Jersey boy, and these guys, as Jimmy said, don't really have much contact with perfume. I was getting a little worried, and suddenly he tentatively smelled Bois Farine by l'Artisan Parfumeur. The name means "Wood / Baking Flour" and the concept is the smell of baking flour on a wooden plank. It's an astonishing scent. Jimmy stopped dead, and all five of us in the meeting were staring at him. I thought, "Oh, Christ.."

    He smells it, he smells it, and he starts smiling and thinking about it hard and he says, "Now this.I could make a terrific bread that smells just like this." And that, the bread course, the very first course of our meal, was the first course we put together. I enhanced the olfactory bread course with some other materials-I actually serve a virtual bread course, I won't tell you how, come to the dinner and see-and Jimmy filled out his culinary bread course in a very interesting way, an idea that at first I thought was strange but that winds up working great, and we were off. Jimmy started re-smelling every single scent and raw material and saying, "I can do a fish with that one! I wanna do a tomato glaze with that.!"
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