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    Default Shopbulgaria for bulgarian rose perfume? Best offer??

    On the Ultimate Rose fragrance thread someone mentioned rose parfum from shopbulgaria.

    So I typed it into google and up comes this weird and wonderful site with all sorts of things-old medal, photos, WW2 officer dress uniforms!
    even an olympic torch

    There is Bulgarian Rose Damascene Perfume
    BUT NO PRICE! There is a thing to click with your best offer.Hmm.

    There are prices for these3 BULGARIAN ROSE PERFUMES in WOOD CARVED BOTTLES
    and a price for Bulgarian Rose nourishing cream

    There is BULGARIAN ROSE OIL in TRADITIONAL CONTAINER but no price-just a best offer click here box
    and there is this bulgarian natural perfume rose water
    and again no price but this best offer box.

    I have not got a clue what this stuff is like but I really am completely fazed by this "best offer" malarkey.

    Has anyone had stuff from here? and how much did you pay for it???? Was it good????
    I just found this article on the site about Bulgarian rose oil
    and this about the shopbulgaria site in general
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    Default Re: Shopbulgaria for bulgarian rose perfume? Best offer??

    That was me that got Rose parfum from ShopBulgaria. They don't list mine anymore, but this is the link to a selling site of the company "Bulgarska Rosa". Their home site is

    Cheap and good, I say! Strong, long lasting, soliflore in a cute red bottle, 30ml for 18 bucks.
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    Default Re: Shopbulgaria for bulgarian rose perfume? Best offer??

    For me the best seller is the famous rose of bulgaria perfume for ladies 50 ml ; rose of bulgaria is the best seller brand in bulgaria for rose cosmetics and perfume ...

    Rose of bulgaria have a website for the perfume : rose of bulgaria

    Kiss to all here ...... Kitty xoxox (this brand is also well known in Japan, i am japanese)

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