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    Default Splash vs Spray = different drydown?

    I got a splash vial of Prada Amber for men and just recently moved it into a small spray bottle. I've noticed that when applied as a splash, the scent evolves much differently than when I spray it. It seems that spraying it leads to an evolution with more depth, that it reaches the drydown not only more quickly but more definitively.

    Is this common? Perhaps it's my mind playing tricks on me, or some coincidence of skin chemistry. I haven't gotten to test this theory much due to the allergy problems I was having with this scent (which now have disappeared it seems - I hope! - and so I'll be able to continue my testing!)
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    Default Re: Splash vs Spray = different drydown?

    I've only tried splashing a few fragrances, but I do agree, there are differences. I think the fact that when one splashes, your skin basically gets saturated w/ the scent, instead if lightly misted. I can see how that may alter how the skin evaporates from your skin & causes it to smell differently.
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    Default Re: Splash vs Spray = different drydown?

    I agree with CJ. A splash bottle leaves a concentrated dose of the fragrance on your body in different areas, whereas a spray does mist and it reacts differently as it is spread over more skin area thus causing the evaporation to differ.

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    Default Re: Splash vs Spray = different drydown?

    I don't know what the actual note is, but there is something in Envy that is a bit too much when I spray it on, but is more balanced when I splash it. It's the same note that is overwhelming in M7. Sadly, I gave my bottle of M7 away before trying to splash it.

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