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    Default Timing for selling...

    So I've had enough, and it's time to just buy some damned Cuir Mauresque already. In order to do that I need to sell some high end stuff on ebay -

    Is now a really good time to sell on ebay because of Christmas - or is it really bad time to sell on ebay because of Christmas (i.e. people are spending their money on presents and don't have money for luxury perfumes)?

    Do people buy used perfumes as presents?

    One thing I know is that January and Feb are bad on ebay, because no one has money left...

    Do I put them up now, or should I wait till march?
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    Post Re: Timing for selling...

    Right now man, before all those charge slip's start hitting the mail box's!

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    Default Re: Timing for selling...

    I would say this is a good time....I believe people splurge buying things for themselves and others at this time of the year....So cash in on what you've got...However there is another way to think as well...

    Though the demand surely shoots up during this time, but then so does the supply....the price ofcourse lies in the equilibrium of where the demand meets the supply...if the demand outgrows the supply the average prices will rise and vice versa....

    Yet i still feel now is the time to sell....


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    Default Re: Timing for selling...

    I was worried about supply too - I just saw there's a whole slew of bell jars and things on ebay all of a sudden... Hard to know! I think if I wait for the current auctions to end, by then it may be too late!
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    Default Re: Timing for selling...

    I'm only selling hardly used boxed things for the gift-giving season - things that can be given as presents without appearing 2nd hand - if people can get a quality perfume a half the retail, they'll go for it. I don't expect to get more out of it.
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    Default Re: Timing for selling...

    You should try to sell them now.

    Let's use some logic.
    Mister X is a fragrance lover. He is checking Ebay, searching for some Creed to buy for his dad for Christmass. Accidentally he sees your offerings.
    Guess what: he sees the Serge Lutens he has searched for for years!
    Having the Christmass budget, he decides to award himself and instead buy his dad some Hugo Boss.

    Go for it.

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