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    Default John Varvatos and others...

    Hello all

    I have been lurking around here for some time and i swear down that this site has turned me into Frag Junkie....
    My last two purchases have been Ungaro III and just last week Michael Kors for Men

    Probably my last 10 have been blind purchases after reviews and comments on here, Ungaro III especially was a mega buy..

    At the moment i would say a fave of mine is John Varvatos but it just does not last very long on me, is there a frag that smells like John Varvatos that i can try side by side?

    I have nearly 30 frags now so to list would take too much time at the moment, but suggestions are welcome.


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    Default Re: John Varvatos and others...

    Dear Lingus, welcome to basenotes.
    I recommend you trying anything before buy! (TAKE IT SERIOUS)
    I have john varvatos in my wardrobe and I enjoy it a lot. First of all its not short lasting, Its a little subtil.
    Anyway, I would recommend you TRYING these ones:
    -"Rocabar" by hermes
    -"Minotaure" by Paloma Picaso

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    Default Re: John Varvatos and others...

    Hi and thanks

    I had Minotaure many many years ago from what i remember it was quite sweet smelling.


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    Default Re: John Varvatos and others...

    I personally had a hard time to detect John Varvatos after half an hour. It's there, but sooo faint. Could it be scent fatigue?

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    Default Re: John Varvatos and others...

    Armani code is very similar to John Varvatos.

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    Default Re: John Varvatos and others...

    John Varvatos lasts about two hours on me.. after that I have to re-apply.. only lightly tho.

    These are not similar to John Varvatos, but I recommend Aigner Black, Lalique's Encre Noir, Azzaro SilverBlack and Burberry London ... if you don't have them already, that is

    PVC and Leather. A Chain and a feather

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    Default Re: John Varvatos and others...

    Similar bu inferior:
    Hugo Dark Blue

    a bit similar and just as good: Bulgary Black. More Vanilla and ruber and less fruits, but that smokey note is there.

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