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Thread: Shy Yatagan

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    Unhappy Shy Yatagan

    I have a problem: I don't know why, after 1, 2,.. 5 spays of Yatagan, people arround me can't smell it.

    Lack of "proyection" + strong smell

    It's only my bottle (buyed at discount internet retailer: Fragrancex) or a general fact?

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    Default Re: Shy Yatagan

    I have the EXACT same problem! It's ostensibly a sillage monster on almost everyone else here on the board, but I get almost NO projection with it. Others I know here insist that a cloying miasma of pine needles hangs around them all day when they wear this Caron classic. On me, though, it's VERY close to the skin.

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    Default Re: Shy Yatagan

    Yatagan speaks of mature gentlemanliness. Most perceptions of it are premature and way off. I've never had a problem with people smelling it. Put a few sprays underneath your shirt, up your chest and let them drift up onto your throat. Put a couple of sprays down through the neck and back as well. It smells good on freshly washed hair also. A distant mist or two wherever feels good or a little in your hands rubbed in there. Most fragrances also smell great on clothes. Yatagan's no different. The clothes will hold the scent for a long time. Mist and walk forward/backward/ or spin-through. Do it a few times times.
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    Default Re: Shy Yatagan

    pluran has this right on the money. The chest part is important for sillage with Yatagan. It starts to project well with a little perspiration.

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    Default Re: Shy Yatagan

    I get decent sillage & longevity with Yatagan.
    I'm trying to score another bottle as we speak...i love this juice.
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    Default Re: Shy Yatagan

    I personally don't think any of the Caron fragraces for men are loud scents. They last and and a controlled sillage - more of a scent a gentlemen wears.

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    Default Re: Shy Yatagan

    The sillage from Yatagan is not what you would expect given the scent. I figured it would be a lot more prominent but it's not one of the strongest sillage scents I have, that being said I don't think it has any shyness problems. Others can certainly smell it on you. I only wear one spray on each pec and find that works perfectly (I do this with almost all of my scents).

    I'm not sure where you're spraying, but after 5 sprays certainly people around you should be able to smell it. Are you sure it's not just olfactory fatigue?
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    Default Re: Shy Yatagan

    No projection, no sillage, no longevity (it doesn't matter where and how much I spray it)
    on my skin and nobody can smell it on me even after one half hour.
    But: I still like this fragrance.

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    Default Re: Shy Yatagan

    I suscribe Iggy's words: no longevity, no projection wherever you spray the frag (I swear that I don't spray my ankle) but nice and far differnt smell.

    For me its very surprising: a-priori a "dangerous" smell, that you should handle with care, no overdose, and at the few minutes after... where's the fuck Ottoman warrior gone??!

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