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    Default Ungaro II ...smells like Passion for Men?!

    I posted these thoughts in another thread, but thought I'd make one more appropriately titled for anyone searching the forums (whoops, just found out you CAN edit the title of a thread.) Here are my initial thoughts:

    I love the opening notes of Ungaro II. Lavender, a hint of spice, rounded perhaps by the vanilla? I don't know, but it was nice.

    It's been about 30 minutes now. I dont' detect the civet - did I spray too lightly? Maybe it's there just adding a bit of a roundness to the notes? I definitely don't smell anything fecal though, as I've read in some of the reviews.

    As I sniffed my arm more and more I started to think "I've smelled this before." For some reason I couldn't place it. Then I realized it reminded me of the first scent I ever purchased, although a rounder, smoother, much higher quality version of it. It - don't laugh - reminds me of Passion for Men by Elizabeth Taylor. Lavender/Spicy opening, which fades to powder. Granted, Passion fades into a rather unidimensional sweet powder, and I'm not getting that so far on the Ungaro II, but there are definite similarities in the scents.

    If the drydown doesn't change dramatically I might just put a spritz of Passion on the other arm. Although, I think my bottle of passion has turned as the top notes are no longer just spicy, but now have a weird acrid sour note in there that I don't recall from long ago.

    Am I crazy or does anyone else notice the similarities?
    Alright, I might have been a bit hasty there. The Ungaro has transformed quite a bit and is much dryer and I can even see where some would call it "stuffy" now. I do it shares a similar (although much more round and deep) opening as Passion for Men, but Passion for Men turns into a synthetic soup of sweet powder and the Ungaro is much much nicer at this point in it's evolution than Passion is at the same point.

    I sprayed Passion on my other arm just to see if I was crazy or not. God, I don't know how I used to like that scent. I had to scrub it off (and scrub...and scrub.)
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    Default Re: Ungaro II ...smells like Passion for Men?!

    Oh, no -- I get sweet and powdery with Passion for Men, whereas Ungaro II is all about that delicious dry lemon mixed with a (initially fecal) civet.

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    Default Re: Ungaro II ...smells like Passion for Men?!

    Ungaro II conjures Jicky to my nose. They share civet in common of course but their note profiles are surprisingly similar. Ungaro II is less audacious than Jicky, maybe more "wearable" for most guys.

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