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    Default Yatagan Reformulation

    Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a large bottle of Yatagan but not sure which is which. The first time I received a decant I was repulsed, the second time I was absolutely addicted.

    One was very rough around the edges, heavy focus on the leather/castoreum/vetiver and the other was a perfectly smooth scent leaning more towards pine and other green notes. While the overall scent is fairly close, I liked the evergreen effect better.

    When I searched online vendors; there were two very distinct bottles. One had a dark cap with red label and the other had a silverish cap and white label. Just wondering which one was the new/old version and what differences are there for those who tried both.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: Yatagan Reformulation

    I just saw the different bottles online, but do you think the formulation is really different? Btw. I have the silver cap bottle with the white label, but haven't worn it yet. I know Yatagan though from samples and I just sprayed my hand and oh ohhhh, I really do think this is fantastique!! Will wear it tomorrow if I don't forget it .... .... but how could I forget??
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    Default Re: Yatagan Reformulation

    Both bottles have the same juice to my nose. I think it took a second sniff for you aquire an appreciation for this wonderful classic.

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    Default Re: Yatagan Reformulation

    Silver cap and white label is the new bottle as far as I know.

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    Default Re: Yatagan Reformulation

    Probably the same juice but you detected the differences because of your skin's condition and the weather (temp, humidity). Caron has forever changed their packaging but the juices are the same to my nose too. The silver cap should be the more recent one. The Third Man is now in the same type of packaging.
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    Default Re: Yatagan Reformulation

    Yatagan today is the the same Yatagan that was released in 1976 and has been so all the years in between. I have a bottle that was released in 1989 kept in good conditions and it's just like my new one. I wore it as a kid in the early 80's and it's etched in my olfactory memory.

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    Default Re: Yatagan Reformulation

    I think the weather is indeed important to the outcome of the notes. In cold weather it can tend to be a bit lame, but in the hot summer the notes can literally blossom.

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