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    Default Bond no. 9 Silver Factory == Creed Ambre Canelle ?

    I went to Saks today with my gf to check out the Jo Malone counter (she's a big fan). While there I decided to visit the Bond no.9 counter, enticed by the positive reviews garnered by Silver Factory. The counter manager didn't have any samples, but sprayed some on a card for me from a small initial impressions? Wow, it smells a lot like Creed's Ambre Canelle...the same spicy ambery tone to it. My gf's comments? "It smells like Estee Lauder Youth Dew !"

    Now I realise that I haven't tried it on my skin yet, but could it be that Bond no.9 frag was inspired by an already existing fragrance yet again ? Needless to say my gf wasn't impressed by it at all, while it left me quite perplexed because the notes sounded original on paper...

    On the positive side, I tried Jo Malone's Amber Lavender and quite liked its clean fougere nature, and the somewhat unique amber/lavender combo ....the lavender note was nice and not too medicinal...I could see it replacing Gendarme or other everyday scents .... its not too complex nor too simple. I need to test it more but its a cautious thumbs up for now.

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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Silver Factory == Creed Ambre Canelle ?

    I just got a decent sized sample of Ambre Canelle from bbobkc, and I will test it out and re-post my thoughts.

    Yes, you're right zz - Bond No. 9 scents MUST be tested on the skin, they're a tricky bunch. I really am intrigued by Silver Factory, even though I dislike the BN9 line. But now that you're comparing it to AC, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. And your gf's 'Youth Dew' comment? WTF?

    I will also say that Jo Malone's Amber and Lavender completely wowed me in October - when I wore it on the first Saturday of October when we were all wearing AMBER'S on the Women's board and it really kinda snuck up on me. I didn't think I would like it from the initial top notes but then it transitioned into exactly what you described - a fougere scent that kind of sparkled. I think Matt (tvlampboy) hit the nail on the head when he said it smells similar to Neutrogena Rain Bath shower gel. In a good way. One of Jo Malone's sleeper scents IMO. BTW - did you smell the new Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint?
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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Silver Factory == Creed Ambre Canelle ?

    I think the fact that Bond fragrances remind us of something else speaks volumes. Not only does it remind us but usually to an inferior degree. The only bond fragrances I liked and felt like they had an individual identity enough to merrit owning are scent of peace and riverside drive. Having said that, I am not convinced it is worth the price as for the money, there are alot more unique fragrances out there to be had. I am not knocking bond because their fragrances are nice, just not unique enough for me to warrant a purchase.

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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Silver Factory == Creed Ambre Canelle ?

    Mike, I didnt try White Jasmin and Mint by Jo Malone but I did see it there ... I bought a 30ml bottle of Pomegranate Noir to share with my gf, but I guess I should have asked for samples.

    I would be interested in yours (and others) impressions of Silver Factory.

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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Silver Factory == Creed Ambre Canelle ?

    Silver factory's opening reminds me of Chypre Rouge, mid notes Equestrious, and base of Bois de Portugal......It is a phenomenal scent which is very quickly becoming my new fave. It is totally unique, very complex, and concentrated, yet the sillage is never overwhelming. It is not a conservative scent, it has a feminine feel at times.....but all the same, I love it.

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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Silver Factory == Creed Ambre Canelle ?

    I got a large sample for 3 full wearings while I was at SAKS last Wednesday afternoon. After my first full wearing on Friday, I immediately ordered a bottle. This stuff is so smooth and long lasting. Nothing like it in my wardrobe, so I am pleased.

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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Silver Factory == Creed Ambre Canelle ?

    I am not much of a fan of many of the Bond No. 9 Fragrances. I find, as Scentologist pointed out, that they are much too similiar to many fragrances I have tried (Namely Creed).

    I did very much enjoy Jo Malone Jasmine and Mint. It was a very light and pleasant scent. The Jasmine takes the lead with mint strongly supporting. Although it is nice enough, I suspect it may have issues with longevity and sillage that is common in many Jo Malone. Not all mind you, Pomegranate Noir is wonderful and lasts quite well.
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