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    Default Gap smoothe sandalwood?

    Has anyone heard of this? I can't find any info on this cologne there are a few listed on ebay and have rare in the listing. Is this stuff anygood I love sandalwoods and I try to get my hands on as many different ones as possible. I'll include an ebay link.
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    Default Re: Gap smoothe sandalwood?

    Occasionally, items in this family (can't quite remember whether I've seen this one or not) turn up at Marshall's and TJ Maxx for around $19. You might want to check your local shops before you dish out for the ebay bottle. I haven't smelled them, so I don't know what exactly they're like, but they are discontinued, so be prepared for disappointment if you like 'em!
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    Default Re: Gap smoothe sandalwood?

    I was wondering the same thing about this cologne. I saw it this week at T.J. Maxx/Marshall's for about $12-$14. I've always loved Sandalwood as a scent, but I didn't know how good or bad this one would be. I'm fairly sure it's unisex, but even though it's cheap, if it ends up being too girly then there's $12-$14 that just got flushed down the drain.

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    Default Re: Gap smoothe sandalwood?

    I've seen this several times at T.J. Maxx. On one occasion I found an open bottle and was able to sample it. I found the scent to be very disappointing -- not because it's especially "girly," but just because the sandalwood note seems artificial and recedes rather quickly into bland vanilla anonymity. Not a good way to spend $12.
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    Default Re: Gap smoothe sandalwood?

    Thanks for the tip! I'm skipping it for sure.

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    Default Re: Gap smoothe sandalwood?

    I love it, I bought some for My GF, and she loves it for me though I would pass wearing it as a man....

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