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Thread: Pine Scent

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    Default Pine Scent

    Looking for help finding a nice men's fragrance with a pine scent.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Mazzolari by Mazzolari, fantastic. Epicea by Creed is also good, but too short lived IMHO.
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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Versace Green Jeans is supposed to be very nice, as is Creed's Epicea.
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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Pino Sylvestre is still in production as far as I can tell. You mentioned it on another thread. But it wouldn't be my top recommendation.

    I'm loving the original Polo (green) these days, partly out of nostalgia but mainly because it's a handsome, well-composed scent, with enough pine to be Christmas-y without smelling like a bathroom cleaner.

    Also worth considering: Aramis Devin, Geir (which is fresher than most pine scents), Agraria Balsam (lovely but a bit one-dimensional), CDG Zagorsk (wintery pine and incense), Caron Yatagan (which conjures up the outdoors for me, but with a summery dryness and heat)

    If you're willing to spend more, you might test drive...

    • A couple of Creeds: Epicea (which I've tried) and Cypres-Musc (which I've just heard good things about)
    • Mazzolari by Mazzolari (gorgeous, someday I may splurge on this)
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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    I agree 100% with Cypres Musc, Zagorsk and Mazzolari's signature scent.

    Another good one is Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan.

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Blenheim Bouquet

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    You might try the new Polo Explorer. Different from original Polo, but still has that pine scent.
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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Creed Cypres-Musc,(very balsamic)
    and Polo Crest (bit old-fashonied)but great
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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Bleheim Bouquet, or I prefer Pino Sylvestre.

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Carlo Corinto original
    Ce message provient du Québec!

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    I agree with above, Cypress Musc by Creed is my favorite.

    Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon's is also astoundingly strong and realistic - so much so, that it's pine scent gives me a slight headache - but it is a wonderful scent.
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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    From the classical perfumes, I think POLO is the best example as mentioned by other posts, also let me add:
    -Halston Z-14
    -Monsieur Balmain ( )

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Issey Miyake L'Eau Bleu if I am not mistaken

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Puig's Agua Brava for an in-your-face pine scent, Versace Green Jeans for a citrusy pine scent, and Blenheim's Bouquet for one that smells a bit like a pine scented cleaning spray.

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    Smile Re: Pine Scent

    Thank you for all your suggestions!!!! I will start sampling those.

    I know Pino Sylvestry was not the best fragrance but, does anyone know if it was made by Geo F Trumper? If so, it was definately disontinued.

    This cologne I'm looking for is for a gift for my brother. He likes to smell as close to a pine cone as possible!

    I love fragrances and I buy a lot of them for family members for the holidays. It's great to have a forum to bounce ideas off others!

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Pino Sylvestre is still in production and is made by Sylvestre, which is owned by Mavive (see ); no relation to GFT. You can find it quite cheap online -- here, for instance.
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    Post Re: Pine Scent

    Blenheim Bouquet Penhaligon's Not a sharp pine, but a smokey pine give's this fragrance' a truely marvelous dry down. When it get's down right cold out,do not put this one toward the back the of your collection, and you will be rewarded.

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    My favorite pine scent is not unique but I would like to be counted among those recommending the original Polo (green) by Ralph Lauren.

    My second choice, would be Aramis' Devin which has a noticeable pine note but, on my skin, is primarily a leather scent.

    Both are excellent fragrances.

    One that I have not tried but gets very good reviews is a drugstore scent by Coty named Aspen.
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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    I'm a big fan of pine scents:

    -Polo Green
    -Baie de Genièvre
    -Versace Green Jeans
    -Pino Silvestre

    Are the only ones I've tested, but there are some more I'm looking to try in the future

    -Esencia Loewe
    -Ungaro I
    -Blenheim Bouquet
    -Fou d'Absinthe

    You might want to take a look at these if you're looking for great pine scents.

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by ZANY View Post
    He likes to smell as close to a pine cone as possible!
    How interesting! Try Cipresso di Toscana by Acqua di Parma:
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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    sandalwood by the art of shaving...smells like pine trees and eucalyptus

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Visconti di Modrone - Acqua di Selva

    Victor - Silvestre

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    I'm with Joe_F. Mazzolari Mazzolari is one of the deepest pines around. It's expensive but lasts forever and it's well worth it. I'm of the opinion that one great frag is better than two or three good ones.
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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Mazzolari's "Mazzolari" is a masterpiece, and very "evergreen". It's not all pine, but it's well represented.

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    I agree that Polo Explorer has a pine scent, but it is very faint compared to the original Polo, which is still the most "piney" scent I've smelled.

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by jdnba View Post
    sandalwood by the art of shaving...smells like pine trees and eucalyptus
    I don't get much pine from it. I get a lot of Sandalwood and Eucalyptus.

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Comme des Garcons, Zagorsk

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Paco Rabanne PH
    also, Armani PH and YSL both have a pine smell to them too.
    Worth PH
    and i absolutely agree with PinoS ,AguaBrava and the green Polo.

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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    If you're looking for Polo Green or Pino Silvestre, browse on They have great deals on the Pino, and reasonable prices on the Polo, as well as the Agua Brava.
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    Default Re: Pine Scent

    Did anyone say Chene by Lutens yet? I know its supposed to be oak, but it smells just like sap and forest and everything "tree-like" to me.
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