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    Angry Basala discontinued?

    Some websites say that Basala is discontinued. I don't see it lately in stores. Is this true? This would be such a tragedy. Anyone has information?

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    Default Re: Basala discontinued?

    Not sure if it is discontinued or not, but you better stock up...

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    Default Re: Basala discontinued?

    I saw plenty of Basala a couple of months ago at the Seattle/Tacoma Airport duty-free shop, in both EdT and aftershave forms.

    BTW, duty-free shops at US airports are open to everyone now regardless of national citizenship for cosmetics/fragrance purchases... only liquor and tobacco are for non-US citizens only now. I don't drink or smoke anyway, so this is great news, as these shops can often have some neat finds... for starters, I saw M7 Fresh and Antaeus at Detroit Metro's Northwest Airlines terminal main duty-free at Concourse A. Worth a look if you're connecting in the Motor City.
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    Default Re: Basala discontinued?

    Antaeus and Egoiste is always in stock at Bloomingdale's.

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    Default Re: Basala discontinued?

    Well, good to know that nobody is aware of it being discontinued.

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    Default Re: Basala discontinued?

    Well Basala is quite readily available on ebay at a fairly decent price. Even if it is discontinued it doesnt really matter as long as the stock is readily available.

    When i got my bottle of Basala a few months ago, i liked it so much i wanted to buy a few more bottles but i waited and then my euphoria died. I like it and it would always be in my collection. If however i find that its getting harder to find i might buy another backup bottle.


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    Default Re: Basala discontinued?

    Got my bottle today .... Awesome stuff !!!! ... So happy that its not discontinued ,, Should it become so , I will be stocking up .

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    Default Re: Basala discontinued?

    Yes, it is awesome, and there is nothing similar and sold for non-niche prices. It's not well known, but I used to see it at all Shiseido counters in stores and airports. Not anymore, hense wanted to ask.

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