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    Question Recommend One of the 'T's

    I'm thinking of adding a fragrance to my collection from one of the houses of T:

    Geo. F. Trumper's
    Truefitt & Hill
    Taylors of Old Bond St.
    and I'll add in Czech & Speake

    Looking for recommendations.

    So many fragrances, so little cash ; )

    Be well,

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    Cool Re: Recommend One of the 'T's

    Well, well, Rule Brittania!

    Geo F----Eucris

    C&Z----Cuba, No.88

    The others are a bit diffiicult, as I start thinking of shaving creams instead.


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    Default Re: Recommend One of the 'T's

    Try Trumpers Spanish Leather.. Great stuff!!

    .................................................. ...................I'm gonna memorize your name.. and then i'm gonna throw my head away!!........:bounce:.............

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    Default Re: Recommend One of the 'T's

    You are not specific as to what kind of fragrance you are looking for.

    If you want a nice citrus scent I love Trumper's GFT followed closely by T&H 1805.

    Trumper's Spanish Leather is another great scent also Mr. Taylor, but the latter does not have as good longevity for me.

    Trumper's sandalwood is an interesting scent, quite sweet and not your typical sandalwood.

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    Default Re: Recommend One of the 'T's

    i'll second eucris, it's amazing in every way.
    current favourites: guerlain vetiver, trumper eucris, adp colonia
    latest swag: cdg man2, lolita lempicka au masculin
    next buys: keiko mecheri oliban, michael by michael kors

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    Default Re: Recommend One of the 'T's

    In this order:

    No. 88 by C&S
    Sandalwood by Geo F. Trumer
    Neroli by C&S
    Frankincense and Myrrh by C&S
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    Default Re: Recommend One of the 'T's

    Thanks for your replies.

    I realize I was vague in my request for recommendations. That was intentional.
    I wanted to hear your thoughts on all the available offerings - and received just that.

    Plenty to add to my Christmas list.

    Thanks again,

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    Default Re: Recommend One of the 'T's

    dude, trust me here:

    go with truefitt and hill west indian limes
    or for less money Geo F. Trumper west indian limes...both are truly beautiful and truefitt is very nostalgic

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    Default Re: Recommend One of the 'T's

    Trumper's -- Eucris, Curzon, Spanish Leather
    Taylor of Old Bond Street -- Mr. Taylor's, Sandalwood
    Truefitt & Hill -- Who cares? Most have been recently reformulated and cheapened.

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