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Thread: Classy Citrus

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    Default Classy Citrus

    I would like to add to my collection a refined citrus scent, something like Eau Sauvage or Aqua di Parma. The first smells quite natural at the beginning but I do not like the drydown... Acqua di Parma smells a bit too floral.
    I have also sampled Indian Limes from Truefitt but its longevity does not justify its price.
    I liked YSL pour Homme, but is it the best out there?
    Suggestions are welcomed

    Edit: I forgot to mention I have a very limited budget, so please keep that in mind. $$ < $50
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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Annick Goutal Eau du Sud. Some people say it's similar to Eau Sauvage but to me it's MUCH better. This is citrus bergamot perfection.
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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Montale Aromatic Lime. Classiest citrus I've ever smelled.

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    D&G pour homme

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    1) Cartier's Declaration
    2) Monsieur de Givenchy
    3) Eau Sauvage
    4) Chanel Pour Monsieur
    5) Nicole Miller for Men


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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Boucheron PH
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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Eau Savage

    Boucheron PH

    ADP Colonia

    Mugler Colonge

    Others are good but not long lasting. These will last a considerable amout of time. Mugler Colonge may not be a citrus but it has a lime, soapy feel.

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    For a beautiful citrus with mint, do check out Creed's Selection Verte. You might also want to sample Terre d'Hermes and Eau d'Orange Verte, as well as Guerlain's Eau Imperiale and Eau du Coq. The last three are eaux de cologne and thus have short longevity, yet are very beautiful, citrusy, and classy.
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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Well I am loving YSL pour Homme Haute Concentration, to me a dirty citrus.
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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    How could I have fogot to mention Terre D'Hermes? Give it a go!

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    Cool Re: Classy Citrus

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolas V View Post
    For a beautiful citrus with mint, do check out Creed's Selection Verte. You might also want to sample Terre d'Hermes and Eau d'Orange Verte, as well as Guerlain's Eau Imperiale and Eau du Coq. The last three are eaux de cologne and thus have short longevity, yet are very beautiful, citrusy, and classy.

    Well said! And while I get my citrus mixed with vanilla sherbert these days in Guerlian's Habit Rouge (well, we are in November) to answer irish's question:

    1. Signoricci

    2. Loewe Para Hombre

    Look up the reviews.


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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Quote Originally Posted by bbobkc View Post
    Well I am loving YSL pour Homme Haute Concentration, to me a dirty citrus.
    Seconded — there is a LOT of musk in the drydown of this one. For me this makes it a really interesting citrus scent.
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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    My favorite citrus cologne is - Montana pour homme ( in blue box )

    Its fairly long lasting for a citrus fragrance and smells wonderful. Whenever i have liberally sprayed it, its gotten me compliments. Its unbelievably cheap and i plan to stock it up soon. On ebay you can get a tester for less then 10USD.

    I would say you must try this for sure.


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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    My favourite citrus has to be Trumper's GFT.

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Chanel pour monsieur
    Armani pour homme
    Comme des garçons Vettiveru
    L'eau pour Kenzo
    Thierry Mugler cologne
    Villoresi Uomo

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Eau de Rochas Homme is the classiest citrus I own. Other notables are Boucheron, Aqua di Portofino and Rochas Lui. Less classy but with heaps more staying power are Azzaro Chrome and D&G Masculine.

    If staying power is of concern, you may want to consider woody-citrus scents like Versace Green Jeans or Cerruti 1881.

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Great suggestions here and let me add the odd (wo)man out - Tova Cologne for Men. I just got some cheap on ebay, maybe you can, too. Although this is a TV-shop scent (QVC marketed it), it is, as the reviews state, really quite good (contrary to Handsome, which I find to be a run-of-the mill synthetic). A strong fresh candied lemon smell with a bitter-green aspect, to me its in trhe category herbal citrus, a bit like Cappuci pour homme perhaps. I do not get a strong floral component. Its longevity is impressive as well.

    You should also give the fantastic and low-price Monsieur Balmain a try, this one is widely available.
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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Im with those clever bods who suggested Eau d'Orange Verte. Its a winner.

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    How about Eau de Rochas Pour Homme, Armani PH.

    I second Monsieur de Givenchy, Mugler Cologne, Christian Dior Eau Sauvage, and Chanel Pour Monsieur

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    Post Re: Classy Citrus

    1) Eau D'orange Verte Hermes
    2) Eau d'Hadrien AG
    3) Blenheim Bouquet Penhaligon's
    4) Eau Sauvage Dior
    5)Boucheron Pour Homme Boucheron
    6) Aqua di Palma Colonia ADP
    7)YSL Pour Hmme YSL
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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Eau d'Orange Verte - Hermes
    Original Vetiver - Creed
    Platinum Egoiste - Chanel
    Royal Bain de Caron
    Lauder for Men
    Caswell-Massey No. 6
    and my ode to a really good celeb scent: Instinct - David Beckham
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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Eau de Rochas
    Frank No. 1
    Neroli Sauvage
    Loewe PH

    Obviously there are many outstanding citrus scent...sample before buying if possible

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Gai Mattiolo Uomo... Check out the reviews!

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    Post Re: Classy Citrus

    Irish, I am also looking that classy citrus to my collection. At the moment it seems I'm going to make my choice between Etiquette Bleue and GFT.
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    Thumbs up Re: Classy Citrus

    I would add the following suggestions:

    Le Labo - Bergamote 22
    Bond No. 9 - Little Italy
    Chanel - Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Agree with many of the aforementioned fragrances. Particularly Eau de Rochas Homme, Mugler Cologne and the wonderful Monsieur Balmain. IMHO, the citrus with the most class is the incredibly rich and wonderful Signoricci.
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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    I love Acqua di Parma colonia , it's close to being my signature, but I recently bought
    Eau d'Hadrien edp (Hadrien Absolu) and I'm very happy with it.
    It's lemon heaven and it lasts and lasts. It puts a smile on my face.

    Signoricci and Mosieur de Givenchy are also classy.

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    Default Re: Classy Citrus

    Classy citrus = Terre de Hermes by Hermes
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