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Thread: Classy Citrus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron199 View Post
    1) Eau D'orange Verte Hermes
    2) Eau d'Hadrien AG
    3) Blenheim Bouquet Penhaligon's
    4) Eau Sauvage Dior
    5)Boucheron Pour Homme Boucheron
    6) Aqua di Palma Colonia ADP
    7)YSL Pour Hmme YSL
    Take your pick, they all get it done for me.
    1000% quote!
    ...and personally I add these to the list (if Ron is agreed ):

    - Signoricci (Nina Ricci)
    - Bois de Cedrat (Creed)
    - Eau de cologne du Coq (Guerlain)
    - Citrus Bigarrade (Creed)
    - Eau de fleurs de Cedrat (Guerlain)
    - Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse (Creed)
    - Un Zeste d'Ete (L'Artisan)

    bYE! :wave:


    "Il profumo dei fiori non puo' andare controvento, ma il profumo delle buone azioni compiute da uomini virtuosi si effonde in tutte le direzioni."[Dhammapada]

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    So many great choices with Terre d'Hermes, Eau d'Orange Verte, and Monsieur Balmain being particulaar favorites. I would also suggest Parfums de Nicolai's Balle de Match and Bois 1920's Agrumi Amari di Sicilia which are both incredibly refreshing and refined. They both also have decent longevity for the genre. For a more dirty, sexual citrus, consider Malle's Bigarrade Concentree.

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    Very good suggestions, but we're forgetting Yardley's English fine Cologne and All of the scents of the Institut Très Bien: Cologne à la française, cologne à la russe and cologne à la italienne , all very classic, vintage smelling,chic and fresh citrus scents.

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