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Thread: Decant??

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    I don't know what it means when a person has a frangrance on their "decant" list. I am really wanting to try out Green Irish Tweed before I buy it, but I can't find any place around my home that has it for me to sample so I clicked on marketplace for it. Just trying to figure out what it is. Any help? Thanks. :-)

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    The "willing to decant" notice implies that person will sell or trade a decant from their collection if you contact them. Personally I've found the decant list on basenotes pretty useless, and for women's decants or splits most go to other sites like MUA or PoL or they just buy them. The basenotes site owner doesn't even allow open trades or sales of decants here anyways though some quietly do so. and sell samples of Green Irish Tweed. No affiliation.
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    I just bought some cologne decants from a guy off another forum. He sells his in 2.5ml, 5ml and 10ml decants.

    I received my decants in like 2 days, the guy is amazing and he has a ton of colognes to choose from. He also labels and packages all his decants amazingly. He sells Creed GIT for $4,$7,$13.

    Catch me on AIM if you want his screen name or email.

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    Sounds like a sampler is the way to go. Thanks for the help. :-)

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