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    As I know that there are lots of you who love Givenchy Pi, and also I'm sure many of you like the Matrix movie(s), I have a good news: Givenchy is going to offer a kind of mix of the two group:

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    Givenchy could have a winner on its hands here... The Matrix trilogy was/is a cult hit film series. Give those folks a fragrance (marketed properly), and they'll grab it off the Sephora shelves.

    But, then again, Givenchy's marketing in the US has never been very good. I have a friend in the business who once worked for them (he now works for Liz Claiborne Cosmetics), and he said that Parfums Givenchy made so many mistakes during his career there. There were lots of them: launching new fragrances and then pulling them, series of fragrances that were never followed up on (Hot Couture was supposed to be followed up on by other Couture scents), selling several profitable designer lines (Kenneth Cole, Marc Jacobs, etc.) to Coty, not selling highly-hyped scents in some high-volume doors (his included), and such.

    At least Claiborne has had a few hits lately, with Juicy Couture being a big breakout hit. (And I hear that a men's should be launching sometime in 2008...)
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    The Matrix was so yesterday....why is it taking Givenchy now to hop on this idea.


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