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    Default Where did Le Labo come from?

    I was gone from basenotes when discussions of Le Labo's major work came about, but how did Le Labo infiltrate this community (how did Le Labo get famous - do they advertise?)? I remember that it took one good review of Geir (shoot I forgot who wrote it) and it brought a frenzy amongst all of us. Maybe some of the older members remember the good ol' days when Geir was a staple for many of us.

    Anyway, so I'm curious as to who's doing the work for Le Labo? Are they pulling perfumers from IFF from "across the street" (in New York)? Perhaps I didn't hit google or basenote's search engine hard enough, but I can't find this information. If anyone can give me more information about Le Labo, that would be great! Thanks. [edit] I found the information for this question:
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    Default Re: Where did Le Labo come from?

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