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    I know there's a lot of hype concerning this brand as I've heard such clients as Tom Cruise and Ashton Kutcher being big fans of the stuff. However, what do ya'll think? I know it's a higher end brand and Sephora offers it but cannot find it at Sak's or Neiman's. I will admit that I've tried the Clean face wash and scrub as well as the shave cream. I must admit the shaving cream gave me the best shave i'd ever had. Now it is thick and somewhat hard to get off the razor but it sort of numbs my face and "never" gives me burn or cuts. I used Anthony Logts. in the past and thought it was good but I did get burns and cuts with it...easily. Just curious as to what ya'll think about the stuff if you've tried it. The face wash and scrub does a good job but I haven't used it long yet.

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    I used the shaving gel a while back and was not impressed. I moved back to King of Shaves as it was just as good at a fraction of the cost.

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    i tried the shave cream and was seriously unimpressed

    in the UK Zirh appears to be declining boots have stopped carrying it so have a lot of department stores

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    The pre-shave oil is awesome. I also use Clean face wash, Fix blemish gel, and Correct vitamin serum. I've tried most of the line. The Protect lotion is way too strong for me, but everything else seems pretty good. I use the Shampoo and Conditioner too. And the Restore cream. LOL Most of it is samples I got for free. This one lady REALLY hooked me up a few times.

    Prepare pre-shave oil is probably the best of all the oils I've tried.
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    I use the face wash and scrub daily and love them. The shave cream and gel are both sub-standard IMO. I've tried many of the high-end shave creams and gels on the market and have found the best product for me is Head Slick. It's made for guys who shave their heads, but it works great everywhere else too. You can pick it up at Walgreen's believe it or not. Don't laugh, just try it. It lasts forever because you only need a thin layer, and it's really good stuff.
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    I was pretty happy with the Zirh stuff until they started scenting it. I used the scrub for a while, but eventually decided that the Lauder Lab Series worked better for me. The shaving gel was effective, but it tended to clog my drain every few weeks! I also used the shaving oil for a little while, but discovered that shaving oil of any sort made my face break out. I'm too old to have my face break out.

    Bottom line: I'm done with Zirh, at least for now.

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    Default Re: Zirh Products

    What about their moisturizer/s? I am looking for a new one. Thanks,

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    Default Re: Zirh Products

    I picked up a couple of sets on the cheap at TJ Maxx on markdown, so had a chance to try several things.

    I think, like most skin care, it really depends on your skin type and age. But in general, Zirh strikes me as having put more into packaging and marketing than actual product. My skin is combination. The face scrub is fairly anemic. The face wash is a joke: leaves my skin with that goopy, didn't-rinse-off feeling, overly-moistened, less clean than when I started (and this is supposed to be the stronger of their two face washes). The claim by some users that the alpha hydroxys in the face wash make your face tingle is not true. For acids to be at that level, they'd burn your skin if you felt them when you washed. The tingling is menthol. Also, acids in a face wash are not going to do squat. They rinse away before they do. The face wash is weak.

    Now to the better news. Rejuvenate is a very effective night moisturizer, with real levels of active regenerators. Has just the right 'refined' texture and absorbs well.

    Defend is okay for a sunscreening day moisturizer, but, again, a little 'heavy' feeling. Sits on skin, and sweats off easily. The under eye is okay, again, a little sticky. I prefer ol' Nivea compared with it, and much cheaper.

    Haven't tried the rest yet. I'd like to try Protect as a day moisturizer, because of the advertised lighter texture and AHA potency.

    So, in general, I find Zirh's refinement to be 'off'. The textures seem heavy, sticky, or not balanced sometimes, and are overcome by gimmicky ingredient adding and marketing. Frankly, after straying around, it's still hard to beat Clinique as a core of skin care, for me at least. Most products are well-crafted and refined. I'd add the one night moisturizer/regenerator from Zirh, Rejuvenate, which is excellent.
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    A while back there was a nice thread or two about Zirh products. As I recall most were unimpressed by them. I am not to keen on them either. I've found Jack Black (my personal favorite line), Anthony Logistics, Clarins men, Clinique, and Aramis Lab Series to be superior. Decleor and Dermolgica;s mens lines (if you want to shovel out some cash) are nice as well. Even King of Shaves and L'Oreal have great products. Of course it does as said before depend on your skin type. And some Zirh products are mysterious in that their purpose is dubious.


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    Default Re: Zirh Products

    The only Zirh product that I liked was the mud mask. I don't know if it did any good, but it felt and smelled great.

    I stopped using anything for a long time, then picked up some Zirh (wash, moisturizer, eye cream) about six months ago. I used it for a couple of months and threw it all out. There was just something about it I didn't like.

    I'd used Zirh before (maybe 5-10 years ago) and liked it then. Don't know why it didn't fit me now.

    I've stuck with a good quality soap and Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for the past six or so months and been happy with that. Now that summer's here, I'll probably check out some with SPF.

    Edit: I just read egoscentrick's take on Zirh. From what I recall of my experience with the newer stuff, I'd say he's spot on. A heavier feel to the products, a greasiness that I didn't like.
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    Default Re: Zirh Products

    I've been using their products for years now. Never had one issue, nor complaint.

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    Default Re: Zirh Products

    i picked up a box from marshalls for like 20 bucks thinking it was a good came with eye cream, moisturizer and clean face does nothing good for my skin...i think tom cruise and other movie stars love it becaus they already have perfect skin...all in all i dont have bad skin, but for the money you are going to spend...get some nivea for men products...i am a big fan of their blue face wash, scrub and moisturizer...nice they are even making body moisturizer and body wash!
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    Default Re: Zirh Products

    Zirh, like most companies, has a mixed bag of products. I think I've tried them all. Here's my rundown on some of them:

    Rejuvenate. One of the best anti-aging moisterizers I've tried.
    Correct. This a vitamin serum that really has made my skin tone better and given it a bit of a glow.

    Shave Cream. Smells and works great. Clogs the razor a bit, though.
    Clean. I really like it, but I can see how it could be a bit harsh for people with sensitive skin.
    Defend. One of my partner's staples. He'd probably put it in the "Great" category.
    Fortify. Shampoo/Conditioner combo. Nice smell. Works fine if you're in a hurry and need a one-step.
    Scrub. Great smelling, mid-level scrub. I usually go for Sharps instead.
    Clay Mask. Another good, but not great, product. Get Booth's from and save some money.

    Restore. Smells great and far as I can tell, it does nothing.

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