I'm not sure where to post this -- I've posted elsewhere without a response and I'm hoping someone (a moderator?) can help. I apologize for belaboring this issue.

There were a number of Mazzolari fragrances on the missing fragrances thread. They were added to the thread on August 14th and had steadily moved to the top of the list as other fragrances from the list were added. About a week ago, the post regarding the addition of Mazzolari fragrances made it to the top of the list. Then it disappeared, but the fragrances were not added to the directory. Anybody have any ideas about what may have happened?

Although the Mazzolari line is expensive and somewhat difficult to come by, I love many of the frags in this line. I'd love to see them added to the directory to be reviewed and added to wardrobes and possibly discussed in the community more regularly. Three of my top five frags might be from this house. Top ten for sure.