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    Default A cologne for my dad

    I was thinking about getting my dad some cologne for Christmas but I'm not sure what to get him. I know he wears cologne but it is just whatever my mom buys for him. He also only really wears cologne to work (maybe out to a dinner party but that isn't very often).

    About my dad: He is 48 and is a CFO of a hospital (aka. when the head guy leaves in a few years my dad will be top dog). He is in an office setting most of the day and doesn't really go into the 'medical' part of the hospital. He is a pretty quiet guy but he is also interacts with a lot of people because he is so high up in the company.

    I just don't know what scent would work best for him.

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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    There are many that would be appropriate but my first thought was Tiffany for Men.

    Widely acclaimed but not very common. It was created for Tiffany in 1989 by Chanel's nose, Jacques Polge.

    Box is very nice, too!

    Check the reviews and search the discussion threads for yourself.

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    (BTW, did you just sell a Knize Ten on eBay? Great juice!)
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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    What about going wiht a good classy classic like Acqua di parma Colonia (or the stronger assoluta) or maybe Guerlain Vetiver?

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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    You might want ot take a peak at what he wheres. Then see if there are other colognes that smell like that at any Dept. Stores.You can't go wrong there.

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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    Two I'll mention are Terre D'Hermes and Boucheron Pour Homme.
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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    M7 , Dior Homme , or Caron Pour Un Homme are some relatively inexpensive designer scents that I have rated a '4' or a '5' in my wardrobe. Bet he'd like one of them!

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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    In such a case anything might work: Burberry London, Givenchy Xerius or Monsieur, Gucci PH, Guerlain L'Instant, or anything else really. Something from Armani would be safe.

    I agree with the previous poster: check what he already has and get something similar or in that vain. Does he have mostly new or older school frags, sweet or woody?

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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    I'd suggest Divine's L'Homme Sage. The name sounds like you are saying he is a wise man! The fragrance is fantastic and is likely to appeal to a working professional like you describe. Also recommended are any of the Hermes line - they are quiet but distinctive types of fragrances and its really hard to fault a Hermes gift - ever. I recommend one of the Hermessence series such as Poivre Samarcande or Vetiver Tonka. If he could handle a warm gentle leather scent - Equipage from Hermes would be nice too.

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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    Try Salvatore Ferragamo -Subtil Pour Homme

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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    So what's he like? We need to know more about him than his job.
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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    Dior Homme would be a great choice, depending on what he likes.
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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    If he's a shirt and tie guy, try Bulgari Pour Homme (the original, not the Extreme or the Sior). It would also be appropriate if and when he does venture in the wings of the hospital, as it stays close to the skin.
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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    Lancome Hypnôse is a good choice I must say.
    I probably second Terre D'hermes.
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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    I agree with Live Jazz, we need to know if he's into sports, books, whether you would intuit that he's a citrus or woodsy kind of man, etc...

    That being said of course, since I'm in the same range, I'd say YSL Rive Gauche or Truefitt & Hill Grafton or Trumper's Spanish Leather, or even Trumpers Sandalwood or finally Penhaligon's Lords/Duoro all would probably be a hit and would win you some kudos.
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    Default Re: A cologne for my dad

    Terre d Hermes - probably my top choice, ditto ditto ditto

    Platinum Egoiste - applied lightly

    Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme

    Tommy Bahama - let me explain, lol - i was originally going to say Gucci PH or CDG2Man, but i thought it might be slightly too austere. Tommy Bahama is more aromatic and easier to understand, but it still retains a very woody masculine feel.

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