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    Default Alternative to CK One

    My eldest son has asked me to get him something along the lines of CK One for his Christmas. He obviously prefers this one to the Chanel (Egoiste) and the JPG
    Le Male I have bought him in the past. Is there another scent similar to CK One but a bit less unisex? Personally I don't like to get him it, as I used to wear it myself in the 90's!
    He is 22 ,by the way,sporty, a drummer in a band, tall and dark-haired.

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    Creed Silver Mountain Water
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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    Try Intense by Issey Miyake and Dreamer by Versace
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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    I've always thought both Paco and Dalimix were somewhat reminiscent of CkOne. Both are very much unisex also, Paco being a bit more on the "masculine" side, if you go for convetionalisms. I like all 3 of them too!
    If he liked CkOne, i bet he'll like at least one of these.

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    I think you should get him a small bottle or else risk offending him, plus maybe some samples of other stuff so he can make the choice. Case in point: my grandma got me Organza when I was 15 and I threw it away.

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    I'm 26, and I see the situation of your son!

    If you are looking for some niche products, I would recommend:

    -Silver Mountain Water by Creed (1995)
    -Eau d'Italie (2006)
    -Play by COMME DES GARCONS (2007)

    And if you want mainstream stuff, try these ones:

    -cK one electric and summer editions, specially 2007 version, which is obviously modern and masculine.
    -And if you want to inject your personal admire for classical houses, try "Allure Homme Sport Cologne".

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    I actually just found him some CK One Scene in TKMaxx yesterday.
    Hope this will be o.k.! I also found a small bottle of Davidoff Cool
    Water as he mentioned that as well.

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    Quercus by Penhaligon's is a distinguished alternative to CK one.

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    I like CK be better than CK one.

    When he's into the citrusy stuff why don't you try Paco Rabanne Black XY? It would be lovely for a boy like you described him.
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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    If money isn't an object, try Absolument Homme by Le Parfum d'Interdits - it's very close to CK One, but more natural/less synthetic smelling and perhaps a tiny bit more masculine too. Luckyscent carries this one and the price is $125 for 50ml, but it's an edp strength (it's also available at

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    Thanks for all the input everyone!
    The Absolument Homme sounds great, but I
    found him some CKOne Scene in TKMaxx.

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    Ck one alternatives:
    Paco by Paco rabbane (more muscline as stated)
    Weekend by Burberry (more floral)

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    If he wants CK1 why not get him it? Paco is like CK1, and Quercus is a direct copy

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    In my personal (and apologizing if belated) opinion: Mugler Cologne, Creed Royal Water, Burberry Weekend for Men, Bleu de Chanel, Voyage d'Hermes EDP and EDT, Armani Essenza may also be worth testing as possible alternative options for Ck One. Not always exact similarities with Ck One, but the common aspect of this fragrances is the contemporary, citrus-very different, but each time quite fresh and youthful- notes.

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    Default Re: Alternative to CK One

    My goodness, I can't believe this thread I started in 2007 as a relative "newbie" to
    Basenotes has been resurrected!
    My older son now wears Azzaro Chrome, Cool Water and Diesel (the milk churn one.)
    The younger son wears Terre d'Hermes very well. How times change!!
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