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    A big hello to you all!! been browsing for a few hours tonight and the insight has been amazing.big thanks to you all for sharing your passion and experience.there have been a few colognes mentioned on here that have got me really excited and the questions will follow but to give you some idea where im coming from scent wise this is what im wearing this last while.
    Bvlgari pour homme,Dior fahrenheit,Gucci pour homme 2,Aqua di parma colonia and Czech and speake.no88.
    There seems to be a pattern here something that i enjoy throughout all these, some floral theme that appeals to i want to branch out and find something thats going to excite me but i dont want to leave my floral friends behind!! im looking to try something floral, masculine, but darker more earthier with an unusual edge.
    ava luxe midnight violets appeals to me and from the reviews it seems to have that earthy quality.also le labo rose 31 (going down the sexy route) maybe comme des garcons odeur 71 for something fresh yet different.and finally muscs koublai khan, now thats really got me excited, a real challenge dark and sexy.
    hopefully you can see where im coming from and what route i want to venture down.any advice from the more experienced who have adventures with these??

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    The first thing that came to my mind was Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan. It sounds perfect for what you may be looking for.

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